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Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Denise Dechene:

What makes you DNF (Did Not Finish) a book?

Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “FOR READERS: DNF”

  1. If I cannot:

    1. get past the number of editing errors,
    2. if I cannot make a connection to the characters,
    3. if the writing is too simple,
    4. if the plot is not ‘tight.’

  2. I think I have only ever had two DNF’s mostly because after a few bad trips, I’ve adopted a high threshold before starting. Protip: Anything that is written in first-person perspective, run, _run_ for the hills! Twilight…. ergh *bad flashback*. (Yes, there are rare exceptions)

    For myself evac points are:
    The plot, writing or characters are so abstract/terribly written/nothing of consequence happens for thousands and thousands of words to the point that I would literally watch paint dry or grass grow as being more fulfilling. And I have a Harlequin sub, so my tolerance is _very_high. I vicariously enjoyed reading Reed’s Marrow but it’s essentially pointless as the story leads nowhere and after 5000 years and 500 pages returns to the same point it started. (oops spoiler)

    The content is disturbing or awful. I think I read one ‘romance’ which was actually dressed up domestic violence/sexual assault/gaslighting, complete with refused consent ignored repeatedly. Ick. Yeah, nah, I am outta there on that.


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