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Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor: Gay Penguin Complaints Homophobic

Robin Lord Taylor

Fans of “Gotham” who have a problem with a gay Penguin messing with canon are not going to get a sympathetic ear from the out actor who plays him. Robin Lord Taylor says he is pretty sure he has your number if that upsets you, but you are fine with things like Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle being childhood best friends.

Taylor appeared at Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend where he called being upset over a gay Penguin “a bunch of horseshit.”

If you have a problem with that and not the other examples of breaking canon in the series it says more about you than it does about the show, he argued.

“What you’re saying to me is, ‘I am homophobic, and I am afraid of gay people,’” Taylor said. “That is exactly what you’re saying.”

By Jeff Taylor – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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