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Impact – The Honorable Mentions

Impact - Honorable Mention

The “Impact” flash fiction anthology has a publication date – July 25th – one month from today. It will be up for pre-order a couple weeks before that date.

So to celebrate, we thought we’d announce the Honorable Mentions for the book. If your story has received an honorable mention, it means that you were one of the high scoring stories in the average of all the judges’ scores. It also means you are *not* one of the top three winners, but you might still be one of our Judge’s picks, which will be announced in a few weeks.

The final winners will be announced on July 25th with the publication of the book.

Here are the HM’s for “Impact” in last name order – congrats!!! Feel free to use the badge above on your site, social media, etc, and to spread the news.

  • Welcome, by Blaine D. Arden
  • The Earth Looks After Her Own, by Evelyn Benvie
  • Waiting for Michael, by Sadie Rose Bermingham
  • Fangs & Floss, by Eytan Bernstein
  • 20/20 Hindsight, by Rose Blackthorn
  • Mas Mabuti Ang Aswang, by Foster Bridget Cassidy
  • Stranded at the Mouth of the Time-Tunnel, Gilchrist Loses a Lucky Penny, by Carey Ford Compton
  • Grand Aspirations, by Riza Curtis
  • Whither Ararat, by Andi Deacon
  • The Sacred Shadow, by Kellie Doherty
  • The Soul Star, by Matt Doyle
  • In Five… Four… Three…, by Jude Dunn
  • Low Tech Impact, by Tray Ellis
  • Godfather of the Brides, by Trip Galey
  • Renovations, by M.D. Grimm
  • Quintessence, by E.M. Hamill
  • Counter Strike, by Joshua Ian
  • A Little Bump, by Ava Kelly
  • Final Impression, by Elizabeth Kilcoyne
  • Civil War, by Kevin Klehr
  • Settled, by Aidee Ladnier
  • Misfortune, by A.M. Leibowitz
  • A Coven of Three, by Daniel Linde-Zwirble
  • All About Eve, by Clare London
  • Tap-Tap-Tap, by R.L. Merrill
  • Moon Shadow, by RL Mosswood
  • Thirteen Nails, by Bradley Robert Parks
  • Changeling, by Pelaam
  • Visitors, by LJ Phillips
  • Half Light, by Wendy Rathbone
  • I, Enlil, by Harry F. Rey
  • At Cliff’s Edge, by Mindy Leana Shuman
  • Shatter, by Lou Sylvre
  • I.M.P.A.C.T. (Interplanetary Military Police Alien Control Team), by LM Somerton
  • The Festival of the Arrival, by C. M. Taylor
  • The Closet, by K.S. Trenten
  • “Anything is Possible” Day, by Jean-Paul Whitehall

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