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Rise Honorable Mention Stories

Rise - Deposit Photos

It’s time to announce this year’s “Honorable Mention” stories – submissions that did not make one of the top three spots, but were nevertheless among the most well-fashioned, engaging stories that we received for the “Rise” Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology. Here’s our announcement schedule for this year: And now, without further ado, the honorable mention picks – congrats to all:

Innovation Honorable Mentions

Innovation teaser

It’s time for the next announcement for the 2020 QSF Flash Fiction contest – our honorable mentions. These are stories that scored among the highest without winning one of the contest’s top three spots. These stores are still eligible to be Judges’ Picks, which will be announced in a few weeks. So here we go, without further ado – congrats to all these great authors: Moura Inovadora, by Emilia AgrafojoBurnt Crystals, by Blaine D. ArdenThe Price of Ingenuity, by Chris BannorJust Perfect, by Redfern Jon BarrettSpeak, by Brooke K. BellAbandon, by Jade BlackIt Goes Without Saying, by Sydney BlackburnTo The … Read more

Impact – The Honorable Mentions

Impact - Honorable Mention

The “Impact” flash fiction anthology has a publication date – July 25th – one month from today. It will be up for pre-order a couple weeks before that date. So to celebrate, we thought we’d announce the Honorable Mentions for the book. If your story has received an honorable mention, it means that you were one of the high scoring stories in the average of all the judges’ scores. It also means you are *not* one of the top three winners, but you might still be one of our Judge’s picks, which will be announced in a few weeks. The … Read more