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Is It a Series?

Lord of the Rings trilogy

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Shira Anthony: “This general topic comes from my experiences writing both fantasy/sci fi series and single books, and really can apply to either genre. What are readers’ and authors’ perspectives about writing series vs. one-off stories. Do you like to invest in more than one book? What about writers?”

It’s an interesting question. As a writer, I like the idea of extending my characters beyond the original premise, and in some cases (especially fantasy), of planning a multi-book arc.

As a reader, I also like getting invested in series – the idea that I can go back and revisit a beloved world. If I could live on Pern, or in Middle Earth, I would.

How about you? As a writer, do you have a preference for stand-alone vs. series? And as a reader?

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