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Is This the First Lesbian Sci Fi Novel?

An Anglo-American Alliance

Based on your comments in general on this fine website — and “you” here represents the collective readership — you are into books in general, often scifi/fantasy in specific, and stuff about lesbians. If this is indeed the case, this may be relevant to your interests.

io9 has helpfully unearthed something which they are calling “the first lesbian science fiction novel.” It was written in 1906 by a Turkish Armenian who emigrated to America in 1877 and apparently worked at least some time as “photoengraver.” Neat! His scifi lesbian book, The Anglo-American Alliance, appears to be the only book he’s ever written, and even without the lesbians it sounds neat (minus the clearly and blatantly racist and colonialist parts, which are not neat, even if they are unsurprising given the time period):

The Anglo-American Alliance, set in the future of 1960, has two plots. The first is a detailed history of a 20th century in which the United States and the United Kingdom are the major powers on Earth, colonialism is still in force (Great Britain having colonized central Africa in the 1920s), and technology has advanced in a limited fashion: prenatal sex determination and suspended animation are now possible, a germicide for laziness has been developed, benefitting “the negroes of the Southern States” [sic], and an enormous telescope has discovered “vegetation and moving objects” on Mars and Venus. A Persian astronomer, Abou Shimshek, has found an “ice lens” which allowed him to discover a new planet on which live a race of telepathic, furred, electric-wheel-riding aliens.

I think my favorite part is “set in the future of 1960.”

By Rachel – Full Story at Autostraddle

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