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Angel’s Bits – Transgender Awareness Week


Hi all and Happy Friday! This week is Transgender Awareness Week, November 14-20. Instead of me talking about this, I want to signal boost The Trans Fiction Week blog project that Matthew Metzger spearheaded.

The blogs this week focused on inclusion, on non-binary issues as writers, and on getting writers past that “can’t” mentality one often hears from cis-gendered writers. Some of the wonderful and informative blogs include:

Beyond Punctuation: Editing Diverse Content

Safe Spaces, and Safety

Writing from the Closet (a non-binary writer’s view)

Gun Control (a cis-gender writer’s view on the importance of inclusion)

If it’s Cis, It Don’t Exist

Webcomics, Beyond the Coming Out Story

We, as queer people, have a vested interest in real diversity in fiction and inclusion of queer characters. That’s all I’ll say on the topic, because my voice is not the one to listen to here.

Please read. Please listen. Please share. Boost the signals of marginalized voices.

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