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“Migration” Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Hey all…

This is it, the final call for Migration entries. Full details/rules are here:


A few fun stats for y’all:

So far, we’ve received 185 entries (as of last night) putting us on track for our best year ever.

Sci Fi is always strong, but fantasy has put in a major showing this year, with almost 28% of total entries.

And we’re getting a nice cross section of queer identities:

Gay: 40%
Lesbian: 33%
Bi/Pan: 9%
Trans/Gender Fluid/Enby: 22%
Ace/Aro/Demi: 6%
Intersex: 2%

And yeah, I know that adds up to more than 100%, but some stories check more than one box. 🙂

Haven’t gotten your story in yet? There’s still time. We’d also love to see a few more paranormal and horror tales if you haven’t written yours yet.

Have fun!

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