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New Release: A Conclave of Crimson, Book One – Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener

A Conclave of Crimson - Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener

QSFers Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener have a new queer paranormal romance out (ace, bi, demi, gay, gender fluid): A Conclave of Crimson, Book One.

What do you do when love threatens to destroy?

Seven vampires gather under the roof of Vauquelin’s palatial dwelling in the heart of Paris. A meeting to gain an understanding of each other, to grow closer; a meeting of masters and vampire youth, an education perhaps for them all.

But nothing can prepare them for the events that follow. It is not any outside influence that threatens to tear them apart, but a fierce, kindling flame within: a flame that may burn it all down to the ground.

Loves that were once thought infallible and truths once steadfast come crumbling down in this dark, tragic romance where immortal souls question everything they once held as true.
With opulent, descriptive detail and an off-the-charts spice level, these vampires will take you on a journey where high passions and high heat lead to even higher stakes.

Be ready (you’ll never be ready).

A Conclave of Crimson is a sequel to two book series (Gabriel Davenport and Beguiled by Night) from both authors, but can be read as a standalone.

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Éric is hot on the heels of Moth, Gabe and Teal.

Blood pounds in his ears and he’s still reeling after his exchange with V. Whatever he’d imagined from this night, hunting without him wasn’t on his scorecard. Yet as he watches how these three almost melt into the shadows, stepping in and out of the gloom, their faces raised to the night, a thrill sweeps through him.

Gabe is in the lead with Moth close behind. Éric knows that Moth’s tongue will be flicking in and out as he tastes the darkness and this seems so fucking intimate that his stomach clenches.

He catches up to Teal and the others slow, Gabe’s hand raised before him. It’s a signal and they all stop dead in their tracks. All Éric can hear is his own rapid heartbeat as it thunders behind his rib cage.

There’s a club up ahead on the corner, a cacophony of blazing light and raucous sound. People mill around its doors, lean against the garish pink exterior walls, smoke hand-rolled cigarettes.

Gabe gestures to Teal, and before Éric can take a breath Teal has drifted past Gabe and Moth, his hands thrust into his jacket pockets, aviator sunglasses on his eyes.

He pauses for a moment, lowers his head and ruffles his blond hair so it falls around his face in a come-to-bed invitation.

A sudden streak of fear hits Éric hard in the gut.

Why aren’t Gabe and Moth going with him?

He steps forward, but Moth catches his arm — and that mismatched gaze sears into him, followed by a mind-touch that doesn’t try to be gentle.

This is how we work. Learn and fucking live a little.

Teal stands opposite the door to the club.

Anyone exiting has a clear view of this beautiful boy, bathed in the light that spills from this den of human indulgence.

He has the pose polished to perfection, his thumbs through the belt loops of his jeans, the relaxed lean against the wall as cool as the night air surrounding him. He looks like he was born to do this. The fact that his eyes are hidden behind dark glasses gives him an air of mystery, a delectable, tender parcel just waiting to be unwrapped.

He waits.

Moth and Gabe are about twenty feet away, pretending to be deep in conversation… but Éric can sense they’re tuned into Teal like he’s the only radio station in hell.

Author Bio

Nicole Eigener (she/they/iel) is a lifelong student of French history and the macabre. After gaining degrees in literature and history, their love for haemovores became a beautiful marriage to their obsession with French culture, specifically of the seventeenth-century, which (along with themes of historical queerness) features prominently in their work. When they aren’t writing, they are most likely editing, reading, dreaming about male vampires kissing, trying to avoid the sun, and/or desperately missing Parisian cafés and rainy walks through Père Lachaise cemetery.

Visit for more information about their books.

Beverley Lee (she/her) is a bestselling dark fiction author who lives close to the dreaming spires of Oxford, England. Her work specialises in atmospheric horror, creeping dread, and broken boys — sometimes altogether — but is always filled with heart and the tenuous threads of relationships pushed to the brink. All the Feels all the time. Vampires are her first love and occasionally they stop whispering long enough for her to write other books. When she’s not writing you’ll find her rambling through the countryside, dreaming about male vampires kissing, and exploring time-worn graveyards.

Visit for more information about her books.

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