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New Release: The Merchant Witch – K.L. Noone

The Merchant Witch - K.L. Noone

QSFer K.L. Noone has a new queer fantasy book out (M-NB): The Merchant Witch. Sometimes heroic swordsmen need money. So Aric and his half-fairy partner Emrys have accepted a job protecting a wealthy cloth merchant’s caravan. But the job’s more complicated than it seems. Em’s fairy father is hunting them, and Em’s trying not to draw attention by using magic. Their client, Lady Caris, has demanded that Em stay in a simple single-gendered human form and not shapeshift — and Aric can see his partner growing more uncomfortable day by day. On top of that, their client’s hiding a magical … Read more

Review: Green Hills and Daffodils – Celyn Kendrick 

Green Hills and Daffodils - Celyn Kendrick

Genre: Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Contemporary, Humor LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Demi, Gay, Non-Binary, Poly Reviewer: Sherry, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book “Will I always be so alone, living as a dragon among the sheep?” Jane Dawson is an American on a journey of midlife makeover. Abandoning a tech career in Boston, she and her sheepdog, Moss, move to Wales in search of a simpler life, connection and community without the filter of the Internet. But who knew she would stumble over the red Welsh dragon, y Ddraig Goch? Actually, she stumbles over her own suitcase and … Read more

New Release: Enemy Colours – R.M. Olson

Enemy Colours - R.M. Olson

QSFer R.M.Olson has a new queer sci-fi book out, The Devil and the Dark book 3: Enemy Colours. The enemy of my enemy … Captain Hollis Ives has sworn to take down the infamous pirate captain Mad Dog, or die trying. But when their ships runs across an unexpected enemy in deep space—a war fleet out to destroy the Level itself—she’ll have to either form an alliance with the pirates, or watch her ship, her crew, and possibly the Level itself, burn. Silas Hunt thought he’d left the navy behind forever when he joined up with Mad Dog. But now, … Read more

Review: Midwinter Marriage – K.L. Noone

Midwinter Marriage - K.L. Noone

Genre: Regency, Fantasy, Alt-History, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Demi, Gay Reviewer: Rari Get It On Amazon About The Book The Honorable Edmund Rookwood needs to get married. By Midwinter. Or his father will disinherit him. Edmund has always tried to be a loyal son and dutiful heir — unlike his scandalous younger brother. But his father’s ultimatum seems impossible. Edmund has never fallen in love easily, and — according to his father — he’s a disappointment, inadequate, never good enough. Who would ever say yes to him? Sebastian Melior, the Duke of Morinbrough, mathematician and inventor and Edmund’s best friend, offers … Read more

New Release: To Fall for a Dragon – Toshi Drake

To Fall for a Dragon - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new MM paranormal book out, a Monsters in Love side story (demi, gay): To Fall For a Dragon. A lost vampire returns to the small town of Granite after learning that a letter he wrote a century ago is featured as a love letter in a museum exhibit. Not wanting anyone to see such drivel, Poe attempts to sneak in and steal it back, only to run into a dragon protecting his horde. Hakko, Granite’s fierce dragon protector, will do anything to keep his new home safe. He’ll be the lone guard against the might … Read more

New Release: A Conclave of Crimson, Book One – Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener

A Conclave of Crimson - Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener

QSFers Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener have a new queer paranormal romance out (ace, bi, demi, gay, gender fluid): A Conclave of Crimson, Book One. What do you do when love threatens to destroy? Seven vampires gather under the roof of Vauquelin’s palatial dwelling in the heart of Paris. A meeting to gain an understanding of each other, to grow closer; a meeting of masters and vampire youth, an education perhaps for them all. But nothing can prepare them for the events that follow. It is not any outside influence that threatens to tear them apart, but a fierce, kindling … Read more

New Release: The Quest for Cowmelot – Blake R. Wolfe

The Quest for Cowmelot - Blake R. Wolfe

QSFer Blake R. Wolfe has a new queer comedic fantasy featuring a bisexual cow: The Quest for Cowmelot. I was just a normal cow until a fae curse changed the course of my life… After incurring the wrath of the fairy HOA, my life was changed forever. On my first outing to a nearby town with my owner, I found myself tied up to a strange metal stick. Without a thought, I wrapped my big ole cow tongue around it and tried to get myself loose. Instead of finding freedom, I ended up pulling a legendary sword from a stone. … Read more

Review: Night Ivy – E.D.E. Bell

Night Ivy – E.D.E. Bell

Genre: Quiet Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Demi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Intersex, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Poly, Trans FTM, Trans MTF Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon | Publisher | About The Book Xelle is sure in her passion for magic, but struggles to find her place within the constructs that enable its study. Night Ivy offers the first verse of a wandering bard’s tale of fancy and fantasy, amidst the spires and shadows of the seven towers of Alyssia. The Review I have never read a better description of anxiety or the thought processes of someone who is neuro-divergent than what … Read more

New Release/Giveaway: When a Man Loves an Alien – Chloe Archer

When a Man Loves an Alien - Chloe Archer

Chloe Archer has a new MM sci-fi romance book out, Tentacular Tales book 3: When a Man Lies an Alien. And there’s a giveaway. A grumpy-sexy alien and his (mostly) human mate are just trying to get married for goodness sake! But the road to matrimony is riddled with obstacles that could prove deadly… RIVER Being engaged to my adorable alien boo is a dream come true. Too bad there’s a target painted on my back. Come on universe, quit messing with true love! For reals. Kai and I need to plan our wedding—which is going to be hella quirky … Read more

New Release: Runes of Fall – A.K. Faulkner

Runes of Fall - AK Faulkner

QSFer A.K. Faulkner has a new queer urban fantasy book out, Inheritance book nine (ace, bi, demi, lesbian, non-binry): Runes of Fall. No storm bows to reason. Quentin’s trip to the desert with his chosen family is supposed to be two days of testing the limits of their powers. Instead, a violent storm looms on the horizon, and nothing will alter its course. The storm has a name: Nate Anderson. Demigod, supremacist, leader of a neo-Nazi Übermensch cabal… and father to Quentin’s latest ward, Mel. He means to take her home, and won’t let a ragtag group of “inferior” psychics … Read more