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New release: Alpha in Chains – Dani Hermit

Alpha in Chains - Dani Hermit

QSFer Dani Hermit has a new MM fantasy/paranormal omegaverse romance out (gay mpreg), Silver Hall Alphas book 1: Alpha in Chains.

The first solo novel from half of the best-selling team of Hermit & Star!

What the Fae Omega Nova needed was an heir, not a Mate. He certainly didn’t need a surly Wolf thrust into his life.

Future Alpha Prime Conner Grimfur hadn’t meant to get himself into trouble with the Fae’s Marble Throne. He certainly had no intention of ending up bound in service to the gorgeous Nova Castex.

Stuck together for a year, can Nova and Conner find a way to survive each other as well as the challenges of a world that doesn’t want to see them together?

This story gets REAL STEAMY and the Omega tops more often than not. Previously published as a serial novel on Kindle Vella.

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Like all stories that are about bad choices, this one starts in a bar.

That part of the story is not mine to tell. It involves three young Wolves from my Clan who wandered out of bounds to the Fae side of the City. They found their way to the Hummingbird Tavern, the first building over the bridge from the Void. It draws many youths who wish to get a taste of Fae flesh.

Most of them have a couple of the potent Fae concoctions and wake up back on the Void island, their rampant libidos disappointed. An unlucky few find what they are looking for and are never quite the same.

I found the tales of becoming addicted to fucking fairies to be absolutely ridiculous. No matter how pretty a Fae may be, there is nothing they can offer that can’t be found with any other fine piece of ass. I’ve had a few myself and never felt like I would die without getting more. But, try telling that to a trio of trouble-making pups who have just come of age and are allowed to be in the City on their own for the first time in their lives.

I suspected that they might be trouble based on their families. They came from three of the oldest bloodlines in the Grimfur Clan, raised by men who are loyal to my father. They were warmongers, or at least wannabe warmongers. They were bullies and troublemakers, young stupid Wolves who shouldn’t have been left out of the sight of an adult until they were well past thirty.

I ended up cutting short my night of sitting in the Dark Claw bar. I drank a few beers there a couple nights a week, making myself visible to my Clan in order to make sure they weren’t up to no good. Especially when one of the young females – I did not know her name, but they all knew me by scent – stopped by my table to let me know she’d seen a group of my Wolves heading through the Void, bragging about crossing the bridge and getting some fairy tail.

Everything in me wanted to leave them to what they got. Especially once I caught their scents and knew which three pups I was chasing down. But getting what they deserved, no matter how satisfying to watch, could blow back on all of us. So off I went after them.

If they were just drinking and flirting, I’d let them know they were being watched and head back home for the night. But if they were up to no good, which my gut told me was exactly why they were heading over the bridge, then they would be herded back to where they belonged.

The outside of the Hummingbird was just as overly decorated with stained glass, carved wood, and clinging, smelly flowers as I had ever imagined it would be. It was everything a tourist could ever want out of a Fae bar. Which was all the Hummingbird really was — a tourist trap meant to be entertaining for those who wander over the bridge. There were rumors that the Fae Omegas also used it as a hunting ground for breeding partners, but there was no proof either way on that one.

But whatever it was intended to be, it was nothing but a huge, gaudy, smelly temptation to young stupid pups looking to sow their wild oats. I almost left without catching their scents. For a moment, I believed they had bragged loudly but chickened out at the bridge like so many before them. Glad to get away from the flowers that tickled my nose and made me sneeze, I was dismayed to hear the voice of one of my wayward pups.

I was not surprised to hear it raised in anger, spouting foul language. I hoped they were arguing with each other as I rounded the side of the building. No good could come of three Wolves down a dark alley in the Fae part of the City. My fears were confirmed when I heard the soft lilt of a Fae. Rounding the final corner, I found three Wolves cornering a red-headed Fae youth.

Not a good look if the City Guard showed up.

I want to say that I handled this situation admirably. That I rounded up the unruly pups and trotted them back home with their tails between their legs. That is what an Alpha should do, especially one who is the next in line to becoming the Alpha Prime of his Clan.

That is not what happened.

Author Bio

One half of the writing team for Hermit & Star Books, I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. I can remember standing in my local library when I was about twelve years old and looking around at the rows and rows of books. I thought to myself then, “Oh wow. Someone has to write these. Lots of someones! That’s what I want to do!” I’ve faced trials and tribulations. More than my share of setbacks but as of January 2013, I did what I set out to do on that fateful day in the library. I published my first book.

When not writing, I am being inspired. I spend hours watching movies, TV, anime, or reading books and manga. I also enjoy quiet time playing with my kitties, hanging out with my pirate crew, or making little crochet monsters!

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