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NEW RELEASE: By Pain of Death – Suzanne Clay

By Pain of Death - Suzanne Clay

QSFer Suzanne Clay has a new MM fantasy book out: By Pain of Death.

Can the winter in his heart be thawed?

Hades has lost track of the passage of time beyond sorting the deceased into their eternal homes. With each arrival of another soul, the agony they experienced in their final moments seeps into his ichor. It is a painful, isolated existence within Hades’s palace, but far safer than returning to the Underworld beyond its doors.

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Pain, despite what some poets proclaimed, was not a mortal thing. It was an insidious serpent that coiled through a body indiscriminately, whether those veins were full of blood or ichor. It might come from the tip of a weapon. It could spawn in the wake of a sharply barbed comment.

In the case of Hades, it pulsed through the very walls around him.

Hades was unable to remember if he had always experienced an ache in his bones while dwelling within the Underworld. Some days were better than others, yes, and there was solace in that.

At this moment, however, the agony came as a building, throbbing assault.

There will be an influx of souls, then.

Hades stirred from his contemplative study of his chamber walls. With a deep breath, he filled his lungs with cool, damp air, then moved to the door.

Author Bio

Suzanne Clay (she/they) is an asexual enby with a great love for writing erotic romance, and enjoys spending her time confusing people with that fact. They live with her spouse and two cats, and, when not writing, Suzanne enjoys reading, playing video games poorly, and refusing to interact outdoors with other human beings.

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