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New Release: Consider Pegasus – SI CLARKE

Consider Pegasus - SI CLARKE

QSFer SI CLARKE has a new queer satirical space opera out, Starship Teapot book 3: Consider Pegasus.

A secret unicorn, a desperate family, and a cop dead-set on hunting them down.

Lem and the rag-tag gang of galactic adventurers on the starship Teapot are set to become roadies for the galaxy’s hottest band – but an urgent call from Bexley’s family means the rock stars will have to wait.

Bexley’s soon-to-be-born sibling has a big secret: wings. On their world, skeledivergence is outlawed, so the Teapot crew swoop in to help the family escape.

But their planet won’t let them go that easily. Hunted across the galaxy by a fanatical and eerily familiar cop, the Teapotters must find a way to outwit their pursuer and secure a future for skeledivergent people everywhere.

Dive into the next adventure in this satirical space opera series. Artfully intertwining deep themes with tongue-in-cheek humour and intergalactic ridiculousness, Consider Pegasus is a must-read for fans of John Scalzi’s take on Fuzzy Nation or TJ Berry’s Space Unicorn Blues. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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Bexley dropped what she was doing. ‘Oh, oh, oh! It’s my dad calling.’ She squealed and danced in circles around the room. ‘Not the one who owns the company that makes the engines. And not the one with the pink mane. And not the one who’s always after me to – well, whatever. Anyways, this is the one I talk about most. Remember I suggested we should all go visit her and her spouses after the next job. She’s the one I spent most of my time with growing up. You’re really going to like her. Oh, and her spouses are amazing too. I mean, I don’t know the newest one all that well…’

‘You should probably answer the call, Bex.’ I covered my chuckle with one hand. ‘Or she’s going to hang up.’

‘Oh, right.’ Bexley pressed a few buttons.

‘Hello? Bexley, is that you?’ A new voice spoke into the room. 

‘Hang on.’ Bexley fumbled with her tablet. ‘I’m just putting you on the holo.’

‘No, Bexley,’ replied the voice. ‘I think this might—’

‘It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ve got this.’ Bexley was clicking and tapping on the tablet. ‘Just … one … more… There!’ With her final swiping motion, three tiny people burst into existence in the air above her tablet. That is, they probably weren’t actually tiny. But they were tablet-sized at the moment. And they appeared to be crowded into a phone booth or maybe a shower.

‘No, Bexley,’ said a bright white areion with a pearlescent mane and a charcoal nose, who I immediately dubbed Storm in my mind. ‘This maybe isn’t the best time for you to have all your … no, actually, you know what?’ She fiddled with something that looked a bit like a fidget spinner – though one designed for areion hooves instead of human hands. ‘We’re going to need to impose on your friends, so maybe it is for the best. I mean, it’s hardly the ideal way to meet them, but—’ 

Another areion, this one shorter, plump, and grey with a long purple mane, put her hoof on the first person’s arm. ‘Sweetheart. It’s going to be okay.’ She waved cheerfully at all of us. ‘Hey, Bexley. Hello, Bexley’s friends.’

I waved back. ’Hi, Bexley’s family.’

Author Bio

SI CLARKE is a misanthrope who lives in Deptford, sarf ees London. She shares her home with her partner and an assortment of waifs and strays. When not writing convoluted, inefficient stories, she spends her time telling financial services firms to behave more efficiently. When not doing either of those things, she can be found in the pub or shouting at people online – occasionally practising efficiency by doing both at once.

As someone who’s neurodivergent, an immigrant, and the proud owner of an invisible disability, she strives to present a diverse array of characters in her stories.

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