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New Release: Gilgamesh and the Nephilm’s Children – Ken Gardner

Gilgamesh and the Nephilm's Children - Ken Gardner

QSFer Ken Gardner has a new LGBTQ+ satirical fantasy out (bi, gender fluid, lesbian, trans): Gilgamesh and the Nephilm’s Children.

Imagine and world where the children of the Nephilim never died in the Great Deluge and live with the human race.

And the God King Gilgamesh battles Lilith, the Queen of Darkness.

THE WORLD NEXT DOOR! This is my second Amazon novel and it deals with what the world would be like, in a multi-mythological and religious sense if humanity and the Nephilim’s children survived the great flood. I have read that most religions or cultures have some sort of a great flood story and I wondered what the world would be like. Am I mixing different religions and myths, definitely. This book has horror, violence, sex, problems finding love, and satire. A reflection of real life. It also a retelling of the first epic poem of the first strongman hero, Gilgamesh and his love affair of he and Lilith, the Night Queen of Death who meet in the poem (although she meets him briefly and under a Sumerian/Akkadian name which is spelled differently). For the record, Nephilim, are the offspring of Angels or gods and can be heroes or mythological beings or demon-like creatures). And to complicate the love affair, Gilgamesh also carries a torch for an Amazonian, blood thirsty mermaid, Taratha.

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Retired government tax auditor who loves speculative fiction.

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