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New Release: Green Hills and Whippoorwills – Celyn Kendrick

Green Hills and Whippoorwills - Celyn Kendrick

QSFer Celyn Kendrick has a new queer fantasy out (bi, demi, gay, non-binary, trans MTF): Green Hills and Whippoorwills.

Ben Davies is no stranger to the strange, but his life just got a whole lot weirder. He’s always battled between doing the morally right, sensible thing and impulse—but this time, his good intentions have landed him in hot water. Trapped in the Land of Nod with Alex’s Dreamtime alter-ego, Ben needs to find a way to get back to Wales—his Wales.

With a psychotic psychopomp as their Virgil to guide them on an RV road trip through hell, Ben and Alex get to see America in all its star-spangled glory—while in the pursuit of happiness—or at least acceptance for what is out of their control.

Warnings: racism, xenophobia, bigotry, homophobia, language

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Eyeing the caves and crags, he said, “We’re not encroaching on a dragon’s lair, are we? Because from what I understand, that kind of offence is punishable by death.”

“Triggered!” Sam called out. “Hashtag #metoo. But do you really think they’d put a visitor’s center at the heart of a dragon’s cave?”

“I don’t know. Nessie tells me it’s problematic to go home these days,” Ben said dryly.

“Yes, well, that’s unfortunate.”

He slithered over rocks like they were nothing. Vestigial ox hooves dragging behind him, the demonic black slug made his way over the rocks and balanced himself on his spider wings.

“Me? I’m a people person. I don’t mind sharing my cave. And as long as they respect the suggested boundaries, there aren’t any problems.”

Ben looked at their nightmarish companion suspiciously. “And if they don’t, you kill them?”

“Oh, no. They’re free to exercise their will as they wish, but you wouldn’t believe how many people just can’t leave a door closed when you advise them to. If they open it, see Cthulhu on the crapper and lose their mind, is that really my fault?”

Author Bio

Celyn Kendrick is a mysterious non-binary Aspergian entity with a dodgy past who can irritate people in at least five lan‐ guages with arguable fluency. The misanthropic author be‐ lieves dogs and dung beetles to be superior specimens of Earth- dwellers but continues to hope humanity is capable of thought and enlightenment through embracing other points of view as valid, if not comfortable. This being said, the author is con‐ vinced the resident sheepdog is trying to enact death by frisbee, so questions whether dogs are really more benevolent.

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