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New Release: Raphael’s Redemption – C.J. Dragon

Raphael's Redemption - C.J. Dragon

QSFer C.J. Dragon has a new MM sci-fi romance out, Archangel book 2: Raphael’s Redemption.

From Captive to Consort and Chosen.

Lord Teo’s love holds Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony firmly, giving him everything he’s ever wanted – love, commitment, fidelity.

Agreeing to convince the inhabitants of Ta’Kun to accept a compromise from the Chi’NoSa, Raphael is ready to do what he must to heal Ta’Kun, save the Ta’kunisi from destruction, and Lord Teo from disgrace.

He did not know he would be repudiated, left defenseless and alone, only to be betrayed for being who he is and what he can give.

Raphael’s life is held in the balance between love and loss.

Will Teo save Raphael, or will their love become a sacrifice to the Chi’NoSa?

Please note: On page violence and sexual situations. This is an ongoing series focused on one couple. You need to read Raphael’s Rescue to be in the know!

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Raphael opened his eyes, seeing only fire and darkness. He was in some kind of structure and he knew he was on Ta’Kun, but what was happening? Raphael heard screams and cries. When he tried to get up and help, he found he was restrained with his hands behind him and his feet securely bound. Fear spiked in him as he drew a stuttering breath. He began to struggle, crying out for help, pulling on his bonds to no avail. Where was Lord Teo? Had he been harmed? Raphael struggled harder and felt his wrists bloody as he pulled against the rough rope. He could feel the heat of the fire now and knew he was running out of time. Raphael called out to the Lady to help him, save him…

Teo woke, abruptly feeling Raphael pull away from him. It took a moment to realize that Raphael was having what humans called a ‘nightmare’. Holding his consort’s arms in his hands, the lord held him firmly to avoid the man’s flailing hands. Speaking in an authoritative voice, Teo urged Raphael to wake, that he was safe, and all was well. Raphael cried out, sobbing, and then went limp in Teo’s arms before shakily taking a breath.

“Teo? Oh thank the Lady, you’re here. I didn’t know where you were or if you were hurt.” Raphael took another deep breath. “Has the fire gone out?”

Rolling onto his back, Teo drew his lover up to his shoulder. “There is no fire, Raphael. I am well and unharmed. You were having a nightmare. Are you fully awake now? It seemed to be a very vivid dream. You were greatly distressed.”

Raphael relaxed into Teo’s body, the tension dissipating. “It was very real, Teo. I think it was a Sensing, but I have never Sensed anything like that about myself. I’ve never warned myself of danger. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing. I was on Ta’Kun, my lord, and I was tied and unable to move. The fire was coming for me. I did not know where you were. I was afraid for you and for myself. You woke me just as the flames were about to have me…”

Teo tightened his arms around his human. “I will let nothing harm you, Raphael, not here, and not on Ta’Kun. Perhaps this was a warning, but now we know so can avoid it. Do not fear, my consort. I will keep you safe.”

Raphael turned his face into Teo’s shoulder. “May the Lady make it so and keep us both safe.” He whispered the blessing as he relaxed against Teo. The younger man felt his lord fall back to sleep, but sleep remained elusive for Raphael as he pondered what he knew was a warning from the Lady.


Teo woke early, finding Raphael still sleeping heavily. He carefully got out of the nest, gathered his robes, and went into the bath to prepare for the day. There were inspections and judgments to be made today and he must check in with his majordomo Sati.

As Teo bathed, he thought of Raphael’s dream, wondering if he had seen a foreshadowing or if it was simply a nightmare. He shook his head slowly. If Raphael thought it was a foreshadowing, then it was. His consort was, after all, the expert here, not himself despite his own empathetic gifts.

Teo finished his ablutions and dressed, tying his aquamarine robe with its unique knot as befitting his station. Coming back into the nest area, he saw Raphael beginning to stir, making the usual morning sounds filled with tiny noises and morning grimaces that Teo found so endearing. As his lover slowly woke, Teo knelt in the nest to give him a soft kiss on the lips.

“Good morning, my Raphael. Are you rested or do you require more sleep?”

Raphael slowly opened his jewel-toned eyes and blinked owlishly at his Chosen. “I’m awake but I’m still tired. I didn’t fall back to sleep until a few hours ago. Don’t worry. I’ve rested enough, although I may take a nap later.” Raphael tried to sit up but the nest held him firmly in its warm grip. He looked up at his lord in mute appeal. Teo swallowed a chuckle, before putting his arms around his human, pulling him up to the side of the nest, and holding him there.

Raphael smiled his thanks as he leaned into his lover. “If this nest had its way, I would never leave it.”

Teo nodded, returning the smile. “If I had my way, you never would, my Chosen.”

He glanced down at his lover as though he were a tasty morsel waiting to be consumed with love.

Grinning back at him, Raphael yawned. “You will wear me out, my Teo, but I have no complaints, for you are my lord and I am yours forever.”

Teo pulled Raphael into a firm hug, then kissed his temple before letting him go.

“Go now. Bathe and dress. I will order our breakfast as you say and we will start our day together before we go to our separate tasks. You do not need to hurry for I must speak with Sati concerning the household.” The Chi’NoSa lord smiled. “And Raphael, your forever is also mine.”

Author Bio

CJ has always been an avid reader of anything in print, enjoying all genres but drawn to science
fiction and romance. She was happily introduced to the wonderful world of M/M romance, immediately loving it. CJ began writing M/M romances incorporating them in her science fiction stories, and has never looked back.

She lives in North Caroline and is happily married to her wife and soulmate who is a writer as
well. CJ is co-parent to Frankie, also known as the Prince of Darkness, who keeps a benevolent paw over all that occurs in the home. For all things Dragon, make sure you like, follow, and/or subscribe!

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