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New release: Sorcery’s Fall – Kayleigh Sky

Sorcery's Fall - Kayleigh Sky

QSFer Kayleigh Sky has a new MM paranormal romance out, a Demon Tales and Fairy Games prequel: Sorcery’s Fall.

Bo is a carefree demon with an unwanted fate looming on the horizon. No more parties, no more drinking, no more fun and games. Forever. So, when an opportunity to slip through the veil between the human and demon realms appears, he jumps, even though it means leaving his grumpy lover in the lurch—a lover he can’t live without.

Promising Gus he’ll love him forever is easy. But Bo has a secret he can’t share. Not yet. And another promise that brings him face to face with a rogue fairy and a contest with an ultimate win or lose.

If he isn’t careful, Bo is going to learn just how long the fall into forever really is.

Sorcery’s Fall is the prequel to an exciting new MM paranormal fantasy series called Demon Tales and Fairy Games, where demons, fairies, and trolls live with unsuspecting humans. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, always magical, and romantic. Happily ever after guaranteed.

AUTHOR NOTE: Bo and Gus’s story does not conclude in Sorcery’s Fall but is woven throughout the series. They will get their happy ever after in their own book though, I promise!

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Her skin had grown darker inside, the golden undertone more burnished. But he caught the sparkle of fairy motes in her eyes—green and yellow and purple.

She set his cup down and dropped into her chair. “Some folk waste all their dreamin’ time pining away cuz the dream ain’t right in front of ’em at the mere thinkin’ of it.”

He raised an eyebrow. “I assure you, I have no time for and no interest in dreams.”

His words expressed a thought that only now occurred to him. He had no dreams. Dreams were for humans far more flawed than his kind. But a warm, soft heat spread through his chest. His Gus dreamed. Gloomy, duteous, unlikely demon that he was. Soon.

She tapped the cup. “You’re lyin’, I think. You talked about things under the surface. That’s where you need to look. Not everything we hanker for has to belong to us. When the time comes to pick what matters to you, pick with your heart.”

A smile, unbidden, stretched his lips. He leaned against the edge of the table toward the dull glow from the lamp. “In Cincinnati, I saw many fortune tellers who’d have done no worse.”

“Your pocket’d be lighter though.”

She pursed her lips, disgruntled, annoyed at him, but a struggle was going on, tussling in the steady gaze she held him with. “Go to Mr. Gelsey. I told you he dabbles. That’s about all he can do. That and make games that ain’t for folk around here.”

“For whom?”

She shrugged. “That ain’t my worry. You asked me about somebody Mr. Gelsey would wanna know. Maybe does know. But you listen when I tell you… Goin’ to him is a mistake, an’ I wish that was all.”

A fairly portentous warning. He sat back in his chair and tugged his lapels straight. Anger rose in him and chafed his insides. He’d never been one for anger. Thought it beneath him. Too demon-like, yet it was there, pushing the gentle warmth out of his chest. He wasn’t angry at Honor. He had no idea where the feeling had come from. He tended to avoid thinking of unpleasant things and shoved the emotion away. Time to worry about it later.

“What else do I have to look forward to?”

“Your worst mistake.”

Author Bio

Kayleigh is a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance. They currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with Finn and Wilhelmina (Minnie, for short), two wild and crazy fuzz balls. Kayleigh’s forever cat, Sam, was a sweet, long-haired black kitty who met every day with a smile and marched to the beat of his own drummer.

(Boring but true.) Kayleigh loves tarot, crystals, bullet journaling, yoga, flowers of all kinds, and meditation. Other interests include alchemy, intentional positivity, and kindness. Love is love, and it belongs to everyone.

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