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NEW RELEASE: The Alien’s Mate – Delaney Rain

The Alien's Mate - Delaney Rain

QSFer Delaney Rain has a new MM sci-fi book out: The Alien’s Mate.

Luc Martin was abducted by aliens over a month ago and has been stuck in a cage on a spaceship with three women ever since. On either side of their cell are two alien prisoners who both seem to have a thing to staring at Luc. Oh and everyone’s naked.

Then comes the moment when escape is possible, and Luc makes the decision to free Bolaico and Teranu in the hopes that they know how to do more in outer space than he does. And boy do they! A fight through the ship, stealing a shuttle, and crash landing on a strange planet get the group of five away from their abductors…but now what?

Following through on the idea that Luc could be the aliens’ thank you gift for all their help sees him giving into desires up in a tree and in a hot springs pool inside a cave. As time passes, and despite a language barrier with both aliens, Luc discovers he’s begun to care about his aliens. But do they feel the same?

When their captors track them down and force a confrontation that includes the native population on this planet, their futures will be decided by the choices that they make. When Luc’s aliens have the chance to return to their lives, where does he fit in?

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Were there missing persons flyers for him now? Because when the aliens had shoved him into a jail cell on their spaceship with three women, Luc had recognized them from the flyers he’d seen around town. Obviously, recognizing them after being abducted with them wasn’t what their families had had in mind when they’d hung their photos all over the place, but he didn’t have any family. Would anyone ask others if they’d seen him?

His co-workers at the coffee shop would ask where the hell he was when he didn’t come in for his shift. But he doubted any of them would look into what had happened to him. His boss would just fire him and replace him. After about a month, his landlord would probably sell off all of his stuff.

“How long have I been here, do you think?” he asked his fellow abductees.

“God, Lucius, why does it matter?” Ariel said as she rearranged her long, red hair over her bare breasts yet again. She was under the impression that keeping her nipples partially concealed would prevent Luc from assaulting her. He refused to try and explain what being gay meant again.

Not bothering to answer Ariel, Luc looked to Zenobia. While little, blond Farrah hadn’t said two words to him, Zen had been here the longest and had theories about all kinds of things. “What do you think?” he asked her.

“I’ve been measuring time based on how often we sleep.”

She twisted around, not caring at all that her breasts brushed his arm. He moved to look with her and realized she’d been scratching tiny marks into the dark brown metal. When she did it, he had no idea. And he hadn’t noticed her orderly lines because the whole room looked like someone with claws had lost their shit in here.

“It’s been pretty accurate since the time of day you were all taken matched up with when I thought it was day or night,” she continued. “Since they never turn the lights down or out to indicate night, but we keep getting tired and wanting to sleep, it seemed like the best way to measure the passage of time.”

“That’s brilliant. What are the horizontal lines?” He pointed at the last one.

“That’s when you got here.” She pointed to the other lines. “That’s Farrah, Ariel, and me.”

Maybe he shouldn’t have asked because now he could see that it had been twenty-four days since he’d been taken. All of those things he’d thought might happen if he didn’t come home had probably already happened. Not that he had really believed he would go home again, but seeing forty-two lines for Zenobia made the permanence of his situation a lot more real.

None of them were ever going home.

Zenobia leaned in and hugged him, and he wrapped his arms around her back. She was the only one who ever touched him, and he’d become acutely aware of that and grateful she did it. As he sighed against her warm, brown skin and closed his eyes when her fluffy, black curls covered his face, he realized the little things were what he relied on now. It wasn’t like he’d spent a lot of time hugging people back home, but he treasured the physical contact now.

A low rumble sounded behind him just before Zen chuckled and let him go. “Your boyfriend’s getting jealous again.”

He rolled his eyes and did not look over there. “Maybe it’s you he wants.”

“I’m not the one who bent over and got whistled at.”

A blush lit his face as he snickered at the memory. Sometimes they got a strange round fruit-like thing with their meals and one had rolled away. He’d bent over to grab it before it could hit the electrified forcefield that enhanced their cage only to hear a trilling sort of sound from one of the aliens.

It was sort of flattering, honestly, that he could be a temptation to a male that wasn’t even of his species. Especially since he was hairy, filthy, and smelled. And Luc knew it was sexual attraction since the dude with gray and pink leathery skin had a wide, segmented penis that liked to plump up whenever he stared at Luc for a while. The alien had a pretty stoic face, but every now and then he could look incredibly fierce, like a warrior who knew how to slit a throat. One milky eye and a notch missing from his upper lip added to the possibility that this guy had some experience fighting.

The other alien in here with them—though also separated by the bars and forcefield—had purple skin, a long neck, two sets of arms, and four cobalt blue eyes. Though he also had a penis, Luc hadn’t noticed any activity down there that he might be responsible for. That alien did a lot of staring, especially when Luc and the girls were talking, but he didn’t interact with them or the gray guy. He gave off more of an academic vibe, like he was studying them, learning about them.

One alien was a warrior and the other a scholar.

Author Bio

Delaney Rain is an author of gay erotic paranormal romances who thinks monsters can be sexy. This is Delaney’s fourth book.

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