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New Release: The Nobleman and the Knave – Pelaam

The Nobleman and the Knave - Pelaam

QSFer Pelaam has a new MM fantasy romance out: The Nobleman and the Knave.

Timon wishes for the day when his dominating and demanding sister Leah is finally married to the rich and darkly handsome Sir Jocelyn. Then Timon dreams of being free to travel and live his own life.

Agapito is destined to be a sex slave for Jocelyn, but Agapito’s prayers are answered when the dashing Timon buys him instead.

When Timon rescues Agapito, he has no idea what changes to his life the act of charity will bring. Agapito is as beautiful as he is enigmatic, and friendship between them soon becomes love.

But one man still stands between them and happiness. Sir Jocelyn lives a dual life — as a businessman with influence and a fiancée, and as a sexual taskmaster with a cruel streak. As Timon and Agapito discover, Jocelyn is as dangerous as he is dissolute.

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Returning home in the cab, Timon kept an arm tightly around the smaller man’s shoulders. He was babbling and he knew it. The shock of Jocelyn’s visit and the fact that he had actually just bought a man made him gabble on relentlessly. It doesn’t matter that he won’t understand a word. I just need to say it aloud to be able to come to terms with it myself.

“I can’t believe Jocelyn would come to me and make such an abominable suggestion. To think he so nearly had you. I can’t believe I’ve just bought a man. I’ve always been against slavery. Always. I’ve no idea how to explain you to my sister. She already berates me for remaining unmarried. She knows the reason, but I’d rather be true to myself than live a lie. I have no idea what to call you or what to do …”


It took a moment for Timon to realise his babbling had been interrupted. He turned his head to stare at the other man.

“I beg your pardon?” he whispered.

“You may call me Agapito; it was what those closest to me used to call me. I would be happy for you to use it, too. If you would.”

“You … you understand me.” Timon was stunned. All that had happened, been said, the young man had heard and clearly understood it all.

“Yes.” Agapito nodded.

“We need to talk to my housekeeper, Mrs Evans.” Timon’s voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears. “Perhaps she can come up with how best we can explain your addition to my household.” He looked at the deep, dark pools of Agapito’s eyes. “Then you knew all along what fate lay in store for you?” Timon swallowed against rising bile.

“Yes.” Agapito spoke softly, closing his eyes for a few seconds. “But it I was spared that fate when you were sent to save me.”

“I … I wouldn’t go that far.” Timon felt his cheeks heat when Agapito remained insistent.

“I disobeyed my family and as a consequence a good friend was hurt and I ended up firstly a prisoner and then in that inn as you first saw me. I knew I was being punished for my arrogance and foolish pride. Yet in my darkest hour, you came. I saw you could ill afford Ghislain’s price and yet you persisted and he asked less. He warned you regarding Sir Jocelyn and you still took me from their clutches. I no longer fear my future, I feel safe in your hands.”

A warm flush suffused Timon’s body. He smiled to think the young man would trust him after such an inglorious introduction to his world. Looking at Agapito, Timon had the distinct feeling the younger man was teasing, no, flirting with him when he fluttered his long lashes against smooth, honeyed skin.

His arm was still around Agapito’s shoulders and Timon had no inclination to release him. Equally, he had no idea how to respond.

As if aware that Timon was uncertain how to proceed, Agapito gave a shy smile. “I know you may not desire me in any way, but, in my country, there is no shame for one man to wish to be with another.”

“I’m glad.” The words were out before Timon could censor them, but the incandescent smile was worth the slip. “However, now is not the time or place to speak of such things. We need to speak to Mrs Evans. I’m sure she will help.”

Author Bio

Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a multi-published author of gay romance and erotic books. When not busy writing, she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Pelaam’s books: Smoking Mirror, 2017 finalist in 2017 Rainbow Awards in Gay Futuristic/Sci-Fi; Stranded, Evernight Publishing Readers’ Choice winner 2016 for Sci-Fi; The Avian Emperor, runner up and Honourable Mention in 2016 Rainbow Awards Gay Futuristic/Sci-Fi.

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