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New Release: The Price of Surrender – CJ Dragon

The Price of Surrender - CJ Dragon

QSFer CJ Dragon has a new MM sci-fi romance book out: The Price of Surrender.

The war with the Daranii, instigated by Earth, was short and brutal.

Outgunned by superior weapons, the obliteration of the military outpost on Jupiter’s moon, Io, ended with Earth’s unconditional surrender.

Captain Jonathan Thomsin of the warship Excalibur was the only Captain of Earth’s combined forces to successfully destroy Daranii ships, not by confronting them, but with guerilla warfare. Outraged by Thomsin’s dishonorable tactics, the Daranii demand the captain as part of Earth’s reparations to Daran.

Captain Thomsin was given to Daran to protect Earth from Daranii vengeance.

A Sacrifice.

He expected to be tormented by loss and grief.

He expected to be tortured and die on Daran.

He never expected to fall in love.

This is a slow burn, male/male romance with on-page torture scenes, health issues, and adult sexual situations.

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Captain Jonathan Thomsin expected to return to Earth, take leave, see his family, and work on his grief for the friends he had lost in the war.

When he arrived on Earth, he was called into the offices of the Joint Chiefs, only to find his commanding officer, General Lowe, alone in the room. Jonathan saluted as did the General, who then waved him into a chair.

“Captain Thomsin – Jonathan – I wanted to tell you this myself and so asked to meet with you alone. There’s no easy way to say this – the Daranii want you as part of the reparations Earth makes to them. Otherwise, they will refuse the surrender and continue their onslaught of human space. You have served with honor and distinction. This is no way to treat you after that, but we have no choice. We can’t fight the Daranii beyond what we have done. They have us well and truly caught, Jonathan. I’m sorry but we have to let them take you.”

Jon’s face paled, and he bowed his head for a moment. He then looked the General in the eyes and nodded.

“I…I understand, sir. I know my consent really isn’t needed, but I give it anyway. I’ve fought for Earth and expected to die while in battle. So, now I’ll die on Daran, but at least in my final act I will still be protecting my home.”

Jon took a deep breath as he sat back in his chair.

“Will I be able to have leave, General? I need to see my family…I want to see Earth again before…”

General Lowe shook his head slowly, his expression sad.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan. The Daranii have specified that you not to be free prior to collecting you. I know it’s not necessary. I know you would not try to run, but you will be taken under guard back up to the Excalibur. I’m relieving you of command as of now, and your Second in Command, Commander Cooke, has been promoted to Captain. I know you wanted that for her, and it was the least I could do for you now. I will have whoever you want to see shuttled up to the ship – just give me a list.

“You have three days, Jonathan. The Daranii want us to rendezvous just beyond Pluto to make the transfer. Their instructions for you are in your quarters on Excalibur. You will be confined there and under guard until they come for you. Jonathan, I could not be sorrier for this. Anything you want or anything I can do for you, please let me know. It has been an honor to serve with you, and you will not be forgotten. Please forgive us, Captain. Your sacrifice will save us all.”

General Lowe stood and Jon did as well. The General put out his hand and Jonathan took it in a firm grip, exchanging a final look.

“Thank you for telling me this yourself, General. I do appreciate it, sir.”

General Lowe nodded, his expression bleak. Jon saluted smartly, turned on his heel, and left the room.

Author Bio

CJ has always been an avid reader of everything, having started her reading career on cereal boxes at a tender age. Deciding to finally share some of the stories in her head, CJ took the plunge into publishing in 2022. 

She lives in North Carolina, is happily married to her wife and soulmate who is also a writer and is the Bringer of Food for two cats; Frankie, who is a delight; and Angel, who has earned her new name, Lucifer’s Handmaiden.

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