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New Release: The Purpose of Sanctuary – C.J. Dragon

The Purpose of Sanctuary - C.J. Dragon

QSFer C.J. Dragon has a new MM sci-fi book out, Daranii Justice book 3: The Purpose of Sanctuary.

Forced to leave Earth earlier than planned, Jon returns to a Daran that is on the verge of civil war.

The threats to Jon escalate after news concerning his hybrid DNA is publicly released, bringing the conflict to the breaking point, his life held in the balance.

Knowing he will be on ‘house arrest’ again doesn’t soften its impact on Jon, and he chafes under his inability to help his life mate in any way.

The situation isn’t helped by Talin’s militant acceptance of his Warrior mentality, and his threats to Jon, even given for his safety, feel like betrayal.

Jon wants to return to Earth for his sister Emma’s wedding. He wants Talin to be the Daranii he’s bonded to, not the Warrior who commands him.

Will their relationship survive what Talin must do to protect him?

Can Jon accept the sacrifices made on his behalf without sacrificing himself?

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Talin arrived in a brief time. Jon heard him checking in the with Guard before the door quickly opened. Talin stood just inside the living area, looking at Jon with an expression he could not find words for.

Jon rose, dropping his pad onto the couch. He took a step forward, thinking that maybe he should bow, when Talin moved so swiftly he could barely see it.

Talin took Jon into his arms tightly, holding him with care, his face in Jon’s shoulder. He said nothing as he did so. Jon’s arms came up around him, holding him in a return. They breathed together, the bond sparking, flaring, then warming to a gentle glow. They stood without moving or talking for a long time.

Talin stirred first, moving back from his husband to cup his face gently, urging him to place his head on his shoulder. Jon sighed as he cuddled into his favorite spot—one of his favorite spots—on Talin’s body, allowing himself to totally relax for the first time in several days.

Talin murmured, “My husband.”

Jon snuffled into Talin’s shoulder a little more, his voice muffled by the uniform.


Talin sighed then, moving back so he could see Jon’s face. “I would ask your forgiveness, Jonathan. I have, once again, been too much Warrior and not enough husband to you in recent days. I am very… concerned about your wellbeing and now with this news that you are…”

Jon interjected. “Somewhat Daranii?”

Talin shook his head in fond exasperation. “Yes, Jonathan, ‘somewhat Daranii.’”

Jon looked up at his husband, his smile faltering as he saw Talin’s worry.

“I’m concerned too, Talin. It’s wonderful for me because I physically feel so much better, but it’s awful because now I’m going to be even more hated by those that already do, while frightening all the rest. I don’t know what to do about any of this. I don’t want to cause more trouble for Daran or Earth.”

Talin’s expression softened. “You are not responsible because a Daranii far in your past had sex with a human woman, then left the child on Earth. Daran must take responsibility for this, because it is certainly not your fault. That said, I believe this is a blessing for all that it will cause dissention on both planets. Both need to come to terms with this. You are a miracle, my husband. One that will help the peace between Earth and Daran come to fruition, for who knows how many descendants of Daran are on Earth?” Talin shook his head, taking a breath. “That said, this will be more, as you say, ammunition for the Warriors who abhor Earth and you. They will not recognize the responsibility of Daran in this and will only wish to destroy what they perceive as a taint in Daranii blood.” Talin felt Jon give an involuntary shudder before he continued.

“I will not allow you to be harmed, Jonathan. In light of this news, I will deploy more of the Guard to this house. We must take counsel with Sentai Tidan, for this does, indeed, change everything.”

Talin stopped talking, looking down at his husband. Jon looked back, still feeling overwhelmed and worried. The Daranii smiled as he towed Jon over the couch to sit.

“My husband, we have faced and overcome much since you were given to Daran. We will continue to do so, for you are now even stronger than before. Our bond also lends you strength. You may be the target of those Warriors, but you are not their victim. You are a Warrior, Jonathan, and you will triumph.”

Author Bio

C.J. has always been an avid reader of anything in print, enjoying all genres but drawn to science fiction and romance.

Happily introduced to the wonderful world of M/M romance, and immediately loving it. C.J. began writing M/M romances, incorporating them in her science fiction stories, and has never looked back.

She lives in North Carolina and is happily married to her wife and soulmate who is a writer as well. CJ is co-parent to Frankie, also known as the Prince of Darkness, who keeps a benevolent paw over all that occurs in the home.

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