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New Release: To Fall for a Dragon – Toshi Drake

To Fall for a Dragon - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new MM paranormal book out, a Monsters in Love side story (demi, gay): To Fall For a Dragon.

A lost vampire returns to the small town of Granite after learning that a letter he wrote a century ago is featured as a love letter in a museum exhibit. Not wanting anyone to see such drivel, Poe attempts to sneak in and steal it back, only to run into a dragon protecting his horde.

Hakko, Granite’s fierce dragon protector, will do anything to keep his new home safe. He’ll be the lone guard against the might of the town’s mayor, Elijah. But when he discovers a homeless vampire speaking to the trees in the museum’s cemetery, the scales around his heart shatter around him and he falls hard for Poe.

Poe doesn’t want to become attached to the place that wrecked him when he was human. Once he takes his letters, he’s out of Granite forever. Fate has other plans for him. Reuniting with Sawyer, the vampire who made him, Poe finds a strength he didn’t know he had. And a future he never thought he’d see.

To Fall For a Dragon is set at the same time as Demons Treasure Warlocks. With a prickly hero, and gentle yet stubborn dragon, this book offers a vampire a chance to fight back and a dragon who finds a bit of redemption.

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Hakko cocked his head to the side and studied the waifish person walking away. His shoulders had slumped and curled inward when Hakko mentioned the museum. 
The young man who smelled old was ridiculously attractive with his untidy brown hair and black-as-night eyes. He had a feeling of familiarity to him, as though Hakko had met him once before. The man would rather walk away than fight. He’d hold his emotions in and remain silent. He wasn’t one to burden people. 

“You’re going the wrong way. There’s nothing over there but the river.” Hakko took a few steps closer. If he let this vampire disappear, then the answers Hakko sought would as well. Hakko needed him to be here and safe.

“Trust me. I know how to get around.” The vampire waved and melted into the darkness.

Hakko wasn’t fond of trees anymore. Once he discovered the old dryads outside the magically fortified land had deliberately caused a new friend to stumble in his journey to learn magic, Hakko had lost some of his reverence toward them. The pines in the cemetery, though, behaved differently compared to the ones outside the hallowed ground. They were guardians of the dead. They allowed no dryads, no fairies within their grounds. The pines and the spruces sheltered the dead from all visitors. “They don’t like intruders.”

“I’m not an intruder,” the vampire called back.

It made Hakko curious enough to step into the cemetery after him. 
“You can’t say stuff like that and just leave!” Hakko complained. It was a tease of a story, a hint of what happened before. And it drove Hakko nuts. “How are you not an intruder? I have met everyone in town, and I’ve never seen you before!”

He stopped suddenly and came toward Hakko. His black eyes were unimpressed. Hakko leaned back from the scowl. “Do you know what I am?”

“Yes, of course.” He pursed his lips and studied the aggrieved man. Maybe he could get a name out of him. “You’re not well either. You have some sort of an agenda. I’d appreciate it if you came along with me, and I could help you with your problem.” 
He cocked his head to the side and scrutinized Hakko. He shot glances at Hakko’s home before deciding. He seemed like he was weighing the pros and cons. “Fine. Just for a little while. I’d like to warm up if you’ll permit me.”

Hakko held his hand out for the man to take. “I am Hakko, and this is my home. I permit you to visit me even though permission isn’t necessary.”

“Shit, right. Names. Umm, Poe. Mine is Poe,” Poe—how intriguingly short—murmured. He patted the grave marker with reverence before following Hakko up the slope. “It’s nice to have it, though. Permission.”

“I will try to grant it to you whenever I can,” Hakko responded quietly. The puzzle pieces clicked together, and now that Poe was close enough for Hakko to study, the telltale signs of vampirism were much more pronounced. His skin was pale like the moon, and his eyes weren’t black so much as bloodred.

“Thank you for doing this. Trying to get to the museum while it was open was going to be a challenge,” Poe admitted. This was the first bit of real information he’d shared, and Hakko was going to hoard it close to his chest.

“There’s a gala evening for a much-anticipated exhibit next week. You’d have to bide your time until then,” Hakko offered. Admitting the truth to Poe was a lot easier than he expected. Having him around in Hakko’s private sanctuary was a sweet dream he savoured. Hakko hoped to explore this odd sensation in more detail.
Hakko didn’t understand this urge to have Poe remain nearby, but he accepted it. It was like when he’d discovered the small leatherbound books and decided to reveal the contents as a museum exhibit to Granite residents. Sharing his discovery with the town was important, but the items were still his.

Hoarding was a dragon’s second nature. Protection first, hoarding second. Poe required protection immediately. A whisper on the wind warned Hakko that trouble was approaching.

Poe sighed. It was heavy and carried the world with it. “Appreciate the offer, but I’m just passing through.”

“But you can’t leave. You’re not well,” Hakko said. A low whine in his voice had him flushing in minor embarrassment.

“I’m fine. Perfectly fine. I’ve been taking care of myself for years, and this is normal for me.” Poe shot his cuffs with disaffected emotion though his fine bones gave a tiny tremble. “There’s nothing to be concerned about.”

“Come to the house, and I’ll get you a drink or something. I don’t have blood on hand though. Vampires aren’t a known entity in Granite.” Hakko blushed. Oh, this man did something to him. His mouth opened, and drivel poured out. He scrubbed the back of his neck and turned away to focus on the slippery pathway. The snow crunched under his feet, and he thought absently that the walkway required shovelling so people wouldn’t slip and hurt themselves.

“Blood isn’t necessary. Any hot drink will do,” Poe said quietly from behind. He was such a silent person. His feet didn’t make a sound as he followed. Hakko frowned at the blasé comment. Poe deserved more than that. “I don’t remember Granite being so cold this time of year.”

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Toshi Drake is a Canadian author with their eyes set on the stars. With books in their blood, they set off for the adventure of a lifetime, discovering new worlds to live in. With their cats by their side, Toshi hopes to show others that love comes in all forms. Sign up for their newsletter at

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