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New Release: Vampire’s Delight – Holly Day

Vampire's Delight - Holly Day

QSFer Holly Day has a new MM paranormal book out: Vampire’s Delight.

Vampires, blood witches, and murders!

All Duncan Caddock wants is to make people believe he’s human, and for the most part, he succeeds. He’s working as a detective and is solving human crimes. But he’s not a human; he’s a blood witch. The life of a blood witch isn’t pleasant, though, and he refuses to live like one. It all works out great until he outs himself by using his powers on a vampire.

Urien Sayer wants to hide in his house, but as second in command in the kingdom of supernaturals, he has to be seen. Then one night, he accidentally tries to take a bite out of the town’s new detective, only to realize the detective isn’t as human as he pretends to be.

Blood witches are valuable, and Urien wants to keep Duncan in the kingdom and preferably in his bed. Duncan isn’t sure staying in Norbridge is a good idea, but when people are starting to get murdered, he gets dragged further into the world of the supernaturals than he’d ever planned on. And if he’s gonna solve murders on the supernatural side of society, who better to have by his side than the top vampire?

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Urien snarled when someone rang his doorbell. It hadn’t been dark for more than ten minutes. If it was Sutton coming to take his fucking blood sample, Urien would kill him, and damn the consequences.

He unlocked the door to the basement bedroom, walked up the stairs, and unlocked the door that opened into the bottom floor of the house. He walked into the little room where he had a monitor showing the doorstep.

Caddock. The moment he saw him, a hazy image of him crouching before him appeared in his mind. Had to be Caddock. And he was holding a tray of coffee. Oh, hell no. He was not letting a cop into his house. He pushed the button for the audio intercom. “Yes?”

Author Bio

According to Holly Day, no day should go by uncelebrated and all of them deserve a story. If she’ll have the time to write them remains to be seen. She lives in rural Sweden with a husband, four children, more pets than most, and wouldn’t last a day without coffee.

Holly gets up at the crack of dawn most days of the week to write gay romance stories. She believes in equality in fiction and in real life. Diversity matters. Representation matters. Visibility matters. We can change the world one story at the time.

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