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New Release: Vampire’s Grimoire – Roan Rosser

Vampire's Grimoire - Roan Rosser

QSFer Roan Rosser has a new mm paranormal fantasy out, Changing Bodies book 4 (gay, trans FTM): Vampire’s Grimoire.

Xander is many things, but he isn’t a vampire… yet.

For now, being a vampire’s daytime assistant has its perks. Hanging out with vampires is just one of them.

The downsides? Well, for one, Xander and his friends getting kidnapped by a group of armed mages. They want a book they think Xander’s boss has in his possession, and refusing them means torture followed by a slow death.

Being a normal human among supernaturals, at the mercy of those stronger, has never frustrated Xander so much. But as the friends struggle to keep themselves alive, Xander might have a bigger advantage than anyone realizes.

Vampire’s Grimoire is the fourth book in the Changing Bodies trans-masc MM paranormal thriller series. Content warnings for violence, torture, and kissing. While there is a romantic subplot, the book is not a romance. The series is best read in order.

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Despite my misgivings, I had a lot of fun that night. We roasted dinner over an open fire, told ghost stories, and got drunk. Or at least I got drunk. Shifter metabolism meant Jack and Avery never got more than a slight buzz unless they drank very heavily.

When I began yawning and nodding off against Avery, Jack stood and put out what remained of the fire. Then, as if that had been the shifter signal, he and Avery both started shedding clothing.

A golden jackal now stood in Jack’s place. He looked a lot like a coyote, which he was often mistaken for back in Vegas. But that was a blessing in disguise, giving him a lot more freedom than most shifters, since humans expected to see coyotes at night in an urban environment.

I turned to find Avery had also begun shifting, though he couldn’t change as quickly as Jack. The slower change meant I could enjoy the show of naked Avery. White fur sprouted down Avery’s chest, covering his top surgery scars.

He fell over on all fours as his limbs twisted and a tail sprouted from his back. When he finished, a massive arctic wolf stood eye to eye with me. At 5’10” I wasn’t short, Avery’s wolf form was almost Dire in size.

On the other hand… Avery couldn’t shift close to the city. He’d stick out, especially in the Las Vegas area which was decidedly not a place one commonly found Arctic wolves. 

“Are you going to go scare the other campers?” I asked, grinning at them. I would have had so much fun with people if I could have turned into a wolf.

“Maybe,” Jack said, his words only slightly mangled by his muzzle. He gave me a doggy grin and wagged his tail, showing he was joking. Jack wouldn’t ever do something like that. Avery might, but not while Jack ran with him.

“No,” Avery growled.

“And you are a good boy, yes you are!” I rounded on Avery and threw my arms around his neck. He huffed into my face, ears pinned back. Avery’s white fur was like a cloud, so soft, thick and fluffy. “Good boy, fetch bigfoot!”

“Bigfoot? Really Xander?” Avery’s words were growly, not as well formed as Jack’s. 

“Yeah! This is where bigfoot hangs out. Catch one, then we can put it on pay-per-view.” Leaving one arm around Avery’s thick ruff, I emphasized the words with an imaginary billboard. “Bigfoot versus a were-wolf!”

Avery reared up, throwing me off. “You’re drunk. Go to bed.”

“Spoilsport.” I noticed he didn’t say he wouldn’t look for bigfoot, though. Good enough for me.

Author Bio

I escaped from the bowels of Utah (namely Provo) and now live in the sunny Pacific Northwest United States.

My urban fantasy novels mainly feature the trans and queer protagonists grappling with things like identity and found families that I wished I could have read about growing up.
When not writing, you can probably find me beating up pixel baddies or in front of one of my sewing machines adding to my overstuffed closet or my army of homemade plush dolls.
If you find yourself blinded by the vivid colors and loud patterns of my homemade shirts, know that I’m only trying to warn you that I may be poisonous. Or venomous? Or both? Probably both.

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