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News: Zombie in the Park


Two Ohio men are under investigation by state officials after a zombie prank left some frightened residents thinking that there were human remains in a state park.

Dustin Smith and Jasen Dixon, who are widely known for staging an annual “zombie nativity scene” near Cincinnati, said they were just looking for a little fun when they placed fake body parts beneath a frozen, backyard pond for Facebook photos.

To make it more exciting, they pretended in their posts that the body parts were human. “About two hours after it started is when I received the call from the [Department of Natural Resources],” Smith said.

In a video posted Monday to a Facebook page for the “Zombie nativity scene,” Smith said a DNR agent interrogated him over the photos. During their meeting, he was told that they sent someone out to the lake to search for a body.

By Nina Golgowski – Full Story at The Huffington Post

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