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Object-Driven Fiction

One Ring

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Victroria Stagg Elliott:

I will confess this question is derived from the essay I had to write for my AP English exam in high school. What about using objects to drive a queer science fiction/paranormal story? What objects are overused? What objects might be kind of fun? My AP English essay focused on how Desdemona’s hankerchief drove a lot of the story of Othello. We could come up with some interesting plot bunnies.

Oooh, this one is near and dear to my little writer heart. I write a fair amount of magical realism stories, and they often revolve around an object with powers (a medallion for instance). It’s a great way to add an interesting element to a story, especially a contemporary one. :)

So my questions for you today – as a reader, do you like stories that revolve around an object (the One Ring, the Sword of Shannara etc)? As a writer, do you use this device to drive any of your stories? And how could we use it differently, to turn the trope on its head?

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