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#OWNVOICES: Gay Authors

We’re starting a new thing on Saturdays on the QSF Facebook group – #ownvoices. Each week, we’ll feature a different group of writers who don’t get the attention they should.

Today, we’re featuring authors who are gay and who write gay characters in speculative fiction. #ownvoices

If you’re a gay author, tell us about yourself, your experiences as an author, and the spec fic books you write (especially those with gay characters – with links, please).

If you’re not, you can still participate – share your favorite gay authors and their spec fic works that include gay characters.

Note: This is NOT a chat to list any work that includes a character who is gay. All linked titles should be written by gay authors.

Please treat each other with respect in this chat. If you see a post which doesn’t seem to fit the spirit of this #ownvoice chat, please let me or Angel Martinez or Ben Brock or Ryane Chatman know so we can contact them and gently let them know. :)


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1 thought on “#OWNVOICES: Gay Authors”

  1. Gay Author—Gay Protagonist—Science Fiction, Space Opera—not porn…

    I’m currently working on book 2 of the Harmonic Empire series. My goal was to write the kinds of stories I longed for as an adolescent but could never find. I found myself imagining female characters as male so that I could relate better to the romance portion of the stories. “Seed of Harmony” was written for all audiences in the style of a 1970s space opera. Since sex is left to the imagination, it is inoffensive to readers who are unaccustomed to encountering gay characters. My hope is that a few young adults searching for stories with gay protagonists/heroes will find the role models they need to be hopeful of their own futures.


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