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Finally Sold My First Story!!!

Hey all, I got some great news this week – I sold my first story! it’s called The Bear at the Bar, and it’s an MM romance with a bit of a supernatural spin. It was picked up for a forthcoming Dreamspinner Press anthology called A Taste of Honey – all stories about Bears and the men who love them – it’s coming out in September. :) And I also “sold” a photo this week. I’m not even particularly a photographer, but Poplorish, a magazine for Pacific NW writers, asked for submissions, so I sent in a story, and they … Read more

Finding the Time

I’ve always wanted to be a published writer, but with a full-time other job (actually more like time and a half), it’s been easy these last few years to find excuses not to write. Because writing isn’t easy. It’s often hard, mind-breaking work, coming up with the story, working out the plot, and the day-to-day grind of actually putting it to paper. So why do it? I find there’s something deep within me that I access when I write – a creative wellspring that may be hard to reach, but that’s so rewarding when it’s finally tapped, when the story … Read more

When it Just Isn’t Right…

i’m working on a new story, this one for the end-of-year-holiday anthology for Dreamspinner. I have a great concept, but as I’m writing it, something just isn’t right. What do y’all do when a story just isn’t flowing the way you thought it would? What are your tips and tricks for getting things back on track?

Sent In My Next Story

It’s been a big week for my nascent writing career. I’ve been making contact with some great gay writers on FB, making plans to put together an online writing group and queer writers’ community, and just submitted my next story, Translation, to Dreamspinner for consideration for an anthology they are doing. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to wrap up and submit a story – is it ready? Is it in the right format? Did I miss any errors? Will they like it? But it’s done. And two and a half months before the deadline! Now I can move on to … Read more

Science Fiction’s Queer Problem

Found this great post on Sci fi has a problem with gay and lesbian characters. This is especially true of TV science fiction, but print is almost as guilty, and most games with a sci fi flavour are exercises in testosterone-fueled head-stomping (which, while good fun, does not generally make for nuanced or diverse characters). I can probably name on the fingers of maybe both my hands the number of gay or lesbian characters I’ve come across in the genre as a whole, across all media. For a category of fiction predicated on imagining worlds stranger than and off … Read more

Gay Romance, Hold the Twist

I’ve just about completed my next short story – “Translation”. It’s the first story I’ve written in a long time that has no paranormal or sci fi twist – just a fairly straightforward gay romance. Well, there is a twist, but not my usual Faery or alien sort of thing – instead it’s more of a plot twist – or two. It was a bit strange writing something like this without my usual seasoning of sci fi. I haven’t yet decided if I liked it, though I’m fairly happy with the story itself. “Translation” is for submission to a forthcoming … Read more

Sci Fi vs. Mundania

I’ve been working on a few stories for submission to Dreamspinner – a gay romance publisher. Most of them have had a bit of a sci fi twist – but my latest one, Translation, is a straight-ahead mainstream romance short. It’s a little weird for me – I enjoyed writing it, but I missed having the twist. I’m not sure that I enjoy writing mundane fiction, even if it is gay-themed. I finished my second draft and sent it off to several people (including my hubby) for review – so far one rave. We’ll see if Mark likes it. Now … Read more

Doing it All

Just submitted The Bear at the Bar – the first story I’ve written specifically for an anthology. It’s adifferent experience for me to write something to order – not good, not bad – just different. Normally, I start off with a sentence and see where it goes. This time I started off with a whole concept. Now the waiting begins. I’m trying to get enough short stories going that I can submit them one after the other out there – once one comes back, another goes out to the same source. And eventually I will get one published. It’s working … Read more

He Likes It!!!

My husband Mark just finished reading my new story The Bear in the Bar and he loved it. Doing a happy dance – Mark reads a lot of gay fiction, so if he likes it, it’s good! While it ‘s not, strictly speaking, sci fi, there is a supernatural Freaky Friday element to it. I’ll get it off to B.g. Thomas for consideration for his Bear anthology for Dreamspinner. In other news, I got my 15th story rejection – this one for Seedling, the first part of the Aurora cycle of novellas – the precursor to my novel rewrite. Don’t … Read more

Writing Three Stories at Once

At the moment, I’m working on three separate pieces. All of them are short stories, though two verge on being novellas. The first is Oberon, my love story on a foreign world that’s been split in two. I’m having a lot of fun working with Jameson, a shy geologist, and Xander, a leather-wearing wingman with a lust for danger. The second is my background series on Forever – my novel I wrote and sent out maybe 15 years ago (to a chorus of rejections) – I’m writing a group of novellas that lay out (for me and the reader) the … Read more