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Review: Alpha in Chains – Dani Hermit

Alpha in Chains - Dani Hermit

Genre: Omegaverse, Fantasy, Paranormal

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: S.C., Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

The first solo novel from half of the best-selling team of Hermit & Star! 

What the Fae Omega Nova needed was an heir, not a Mate. He certainly didn’t need a surly Wolf thrust into his life.

Future Alpha Prime Conner Grimfur hadn’t meant to get himself into trouble with the Fae’s Marble Throne. He certainly had no intention of ending up bound in service to the gorgeous Nova Castex.

Stuck together for a year, can Nova and Conner find a way to survive each other as well as the challenges of a world that doesn’t want to see them together?

This story gets REAL STEAMY and the Omega tops more often than not. Previously published as a serial novel on Kindle Vella.

The Review

Alpha in Chains brings the reader into a tense new world where Fae and Wolves are two of the four master races ruling the world after humans disappear. Every race has their assigned territory, and neutral ground is a place for play and profits. Hermit creates strong worldbuilding, but it isn’t long before we find out that Conner, the Alpha of the Grimfur pack will be paying for the sins of his underlings, rowdy wolves who attempt an assault on a member of the royal fae family. The price? Conner must serve Nova, the Fae ruler.

At first, it seems like this could be mere symbolic humiliation, lowering a powerful alpha to a mere servant to warn other wolves to play nice. But the sexual tension between Nova and Connor boils over in a constant push-pull of forbidden desire. It’s forbidden in more ways than one. Nova is an Omega, a male fae who can get pregnant. Connor can’t risk a child being used as a pawn by his power hungry father, who might eliminate him in order to put a more manageable young wolf on the throne.

Nova tells Conner not to worry. Any child born in the Fae lands belongs to the Fae .He’ll never see it. Nova informs Conner that he’ll merely be one of a harem. This attraction isn’t exclusive or special. It’s a lie that neither of them can deny, despite a series of exchanges and conversations with other members of the harem, and the fact that the Fae council doesn’t exactly know what to do with Conner. Can they really keep the Alpha Prime’s son locked up a year and a day?

Nova intends to make it so—proving that no Wolf will get special treatment from the Fae royals. But is his brave act of resolve just an excuse to keep Conner and his appendages close? This story starts off as a largely sexual romp but redeems itself for anyone hoping for something deeper. Inter-race dynamics cause Conner and Nova to examine their values as both lose and risk friends. The sexual attraction turns to love and Conner wants Nova to be his mate, even to the point of trying to give him a special bite that will bond them—but could it be a one-sided bond with a Fae Omega that can’t be claimed?

When a pregnancy occurs and treaties begin to fall apart, Nova must decide if his throne means as much as love and family. Could a Fae be the Luna of the Grimfur pack?

This tense M/M romance and fantasy adventure has a sweet happy ending. An enjoyable fantasy read that’s heavy on the spice and rich with worldbuilding.

4.5 stars.

The Reviewer

S.C. Principale is a voracious writer, reader, baker, and teacher. When she’s not writing paranormal romance and erotica, she loves reading the works of others. She’s a firm believer that great writers must be great readers, too. Reviewing allows her to follow her passion of  uplifting and learning from other authors.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her amazing husband, their two brilliant and stubborn kids, and their menagerie of six pets.

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