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REVIEW: An Invitation to Love – Blaine D. Arden

An Invitation To Love, By Blaine D. Arden

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

LGBTQ+ Category: MMM Gay

Reviewer: Sharonica

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About The Book

When Dominick has to attend a six-day dragon mating ceremony, he wants to avoid speaking to anyone for fear his severe stutter will send possible suitors running. 

However, Lysander and Zachary, both from different cultures with a thing for redheads, refuse to let him hide. Worse, they actively pursue him, even after Dominick mucks up their first encounter. 

Against the backdrop of a ceremony that takes testing endurance, strength, and acoustics to new heights, differences between languages, customs, and expectations create an obstacle course where any misstep could send the men home… alone.

The Review

This was a really sweet and original fantasy MMM romance novella. My first read by this author I found myself lost in a realm where different races and tribes of people have found themselves at peace with each other as well as with dragon kind. The hero and top MC of the story, Dominick, is best friends with the dragon, Buttercup who is the reason so many races of people have gathered in one place. Buttercup is marrying Thumper, another Dragon, and their mating ceremony is a festivity that lasts for six days in their world. 

Even though Buttercup is the Bride to be, she is doing all she can to push Dom out of the proverbial nest, so he too can find love and happiness. Dominick however, has learned to live vicariously through others because he knows as soon as he speaks and people hear his speech impediment, they will run for the hills. After all, it has been done before, so why should things be different now? 

Except, for the first time, even after speaking, embarrassing himself to a very intriguing and attractive man, Dominick has caught the eye of not one but two gentlemen. And these two gentlemen are only running in one direction…straight to Dominick.

This was a very endearing poly romance and even showed how a throuple can work when all three people within the relationship communicate, and believe in what they have, and are willing to find compromises for what they want in their futures both as individuals and as committed people within an established relationship. 

I would love to see this world and the people within it expand to include more of the tribes and Drachus, as well as watching Thumper and Buttercup’s family grow. 

Sharonica’s Logic: 4.00 dragon-tales-and-fairy-dust-stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Reviewer

These are always so hard so I will keep it simple: My four adult sons (28-21) call me Ma and Dragon Lady. Their ringtone ranges from the Imperial Death March to Stewie’s “Ma Mom Mommy.” Because of my disability, I am a hermit and stay inside and mostly  in very dim light, hence the nickname Dragon Lady. I read for therapy and am slowly getting back into my art, thanks to friends I have made in authordom and fandom.  If I had  one wish, it would be to see Ru Paul and Donald Trump in an MMA ring and the winner after answering questions on censorship of books in our libraries, LGBTQIA advocacy, national healthcare, and our troops and vets, being the next POTUS. 😁  

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