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REVIEW: Dan’s Hauntastic Haunts Investigates: Goodman Dairy – Alex Silver

Dan's Hauntastic Haunts Investigates: Goodman Dairy - Alex Silver

Title: Dan’s Hauntastic Haunts Investigates: Goodman Dairy

Series: Dan’s Hauntastic Haunts

Author: Alex Silver

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Trans FTM

Publisher: Self

Pages: 224

Reviewer: Sharonica

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About The Book

When ghosts reach across the veil, Daniel Collins is there to tell their stories.

Dan is a vlogging ghost hunter. He has devoted his life to documenting paranormal activity. In his converted van, he travels around the country exploring haunted sites. He loves the thrill of filming restless spirits.

Chad Brewer, skeptic, works for an insurance company. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but watching Dan’s vlog is his guilty pleasure. The cute vlogger is accident prone. He has Chad’s work extension on speed-dial. The two talk whenever Dan gets hurt during an investigation, a frequent occurrence.

When Chad loses his job for approving too many claims, Dan offers him a position as his personal assistant. The pair sets out to investigate a haunted dairy barn for the vlog’s next video series. The catch is that they must live and work together in Dan’s tiny traveling home. 

As the paranormal activity at the haunted dairy ramps up, so does the romantic tension between the two men. Can the love between a skeptic and a social media sensation conquer a vengeful ghost?

Dan’s Hauntastic Haunts is a paranormal MM romance between a gay vlogger and his trans personal assistant. Buckle up for a hauntastic good time. 

The Review

This story blew me out of the water! I cannot believe that more people haven’t jumped on the ALEX SILVER Train of Paranormal Fun. You guys have got to pick this book up and give it a read. Why? Well, for starters it is a very well written ghost story. Silver delivers in the scary department, and the ghost in this story is one angry malevolent spirit out for his pound of flesh…literally.

Another reason to love this book is, the MCs are fully actualized characters, and guys you could see yourself subscribing to and following on their YT vlog.

Dan is the vlogger and ghost hunter and travels around in his van, “Vanessa,” following leads on hauntings. He is tricked out with all kinds of tech and specialized scientific gear to help him find any unexplained phenomenon and IF it is paranormal see if he can help in any way. As with anyone who puts themselves out for public view, Dan has critics, as well as fans and loyal followers.

RedHerring99 is one of Dan’s loyal crew and Dan loves being able to interact with him. Red also happens to be Dan’s insurance agent and works very hard to keep Dan from losing his insurance. Daniel knows Red IRL as Chad and has his number on speed dial since he is constantly getting into scrapes and considers himself a klutz when dealing with the supernatural. Dan has no idea Insurance Guy Chad and RedHerring99 are the same person.

After bending one rule too many, Chad loses his job and on a whim takes on the PA position that’s open, working for Dan.

The two get along like a house on fire and have more chemistry together than a lab at the CDC. The friendship that forms is instant, and from there a slow progression to something else begins to take shape.

I loved how Silver was able to introduce Chad’s character as trans. Chad’s character explained things about himself in such a way that if someone were reading the book and had questions about themselves or someone they knew, they might have a little more understanding after getting to know Chad. I absolutely loved that. It endeared both the character and the author to me more.

This dynamic ghost-busting duo is coming back for more, as there is a second book due out soon. YAY! So, if you are looking for an escape, a great ghost story, an LGBT+ Romance, or just want to support an #ownvoices indie author, look no further…this book will NOT disappoint!

4.50 I-got-forked-by-a-ghost-stars.

The Reviewer

These are always so hard so I will keep it simple: My four adult sons (28-21) call me Ma and Dragon Lady. Their ringtone ranges from the Imperial Death March to Stewie’s “Ma Mom Mommy.” Because of my disability, I am a hermit and stay inside and mostly  in very dim light, hence the nickname Dragon Lady. I read for therapy and am slowly getting back into my art, thanks to friends I have made in authordom and fandom.  If I had  one wish, it would be to see Ru Paul and Donald Trump in an MMA ring and the winner after answering questions on censorship of books in our libraries, LGBTQIA advocacy, national healthcare, and our troops and vets, being the next POTUS. 😁 


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