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Review: Foxes Love Sorcerers – Toshi Drake

Foxes Love Sorcerers - Toshi Drake

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Sweetie Pie, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Can a sorcerer apprentice learn to control his magic before the elder demon destroys his home?

Fledgling sorcerer Isaac and his friends accidentally create a spell that sets a cryptid town on top of theirs. With no one hurt in the aftermath, they put the night of the Red Storm behind them and opened their arms to the new residents, shifters monsters and everything in between. Caspian, a sweetly sexy fox shifter has turned his considerable affections and attention toward Isaac, making him smitten in return.

Unfortunately, not everyone is welcoming and not everyone is kind. A corrupt mayor and his cronies want to use Isaac for his unique and powerful magic.

With the help of Caspian, his foxy boyfriend, and his mentor, Darius, Isaac discovers that magic can be fun and helpful in the battle to save his town from the grasping hands of an elder demon hellbent on taking over.

Monsters In Love is a small-town series where monsters, humans and others find love and community. This book includes a sweet cinnamon roll fox and his shy sorcerer, found family and small town charm. There is a cliffhanger for the overall story arc but our heroes, Caspian and Isaac are together.

The Review

The book opens with the Isaac (the Hero?) trying a minor spell with flowers but his spell goes horribly wrong. A year later we find the world changed, as Isaac has accidently melded two dimensions together, and not in a good way.

I usually like when an author builds new worlds with strange and different creatures. I did not get that satisfaction with this book. There is too much going on with little or no explanation. There are humans, shifters, sprites, sorcerers, fairies, spores, and mushroom beings, just to name a few. There are no descriptions of them or their place or function in the new world.

There are are villains who are mentioned and seen once or twice, and then they’re gone. The lead villain goes by three name King in Yellow, Hastur and Elder Demon.

Even though Isaac is touted as a great sorcerer, he is not treated as such, and therefore has no belief in his own strength and abilities. He is afraid to share his dreams-visions with anyone. Isaac and Caspian are a cute couple, but there is no fire there. If they hadn’t ended up together, I would not have cared.

Foxes Love Sorcerers is not a standalone, and it kept me interested enough continue on to book 2. Hopefully the author will continue to build on their new world and answer many of the questions and concerns I had about the first book.

The Reviewer

I worked about 20 years with the Federal government in Human Resources. The work allowed me to travel quite a bit, including living in Korea for 18 months. I am the mother of two son and grandmother to two grandchildren. The grandchildren are of course are bright, beautiful and can do very little wrong. I am currently retired and live at a Senior community. I volunteer with several groups, travel, and into multiple crafts. I am a reader and love most genre of books. Currently into shifters and military romance. I read the Bridgerton books before they were a thing, but firmly believe Georgette Heyer is still the Queen of historical romances. If you have not read her, definitely give her a read. I am a fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I love action movies, mysteries, thrillers, and love ….love movies that are so awful they are funny. The worst-best decision I ever made was to quit a job I hated so I could watch the original Star Trek series.

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