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REVIEW: Gift of Secrets – Amir Lane

Gift of Secrets - Amir Lane

Title: Gift of Secrets

Series: Barrier Witch Book 2

Author: Amir Lane

Genre: Urban Fantasy

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Lesbian, Trans FTM

Publisher: Self

Pages: 211

Reviewer: Xanthe, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Detective Fairuz Arshad is still recovering from events in the first book of this series, but her determination to help her former Special Crimes partner, Rowan, sends her on a path that she might not be able to return from.

As with all the other books in this series, the cover is lovely. I am considering get a color e-book reader just so I can appreciate book covers like this a bit more. The story inside is also quite lovely. I am impressed with the author’s ability to create such graphic images with words. There is an extended fight scene that leaves me cringing and in a bit of awe.

Dealing with trauma and knowing who to trust are two important underlying themes of this book. Both of these themes give the reader more insight into the personalities and lives of the characters. The author does a good job of examining the long term effects emotional and physical trauma can have on people’s lives.

This is a fast paced mystery that edges toward psychological thriller territory. Just like the plot, the characters in this story are multifaceted, and I want to get to know even more about them. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action packed urban fantasy with well-developed characters and elegantly crafted fight scenes.

The Review

Fairuz will stop at nothing to bring her partner home.

Despite orders to leave the Black Birches dryad gang alone, Detective Fairuz Arshad is determined to do whatever it takes to stop them. Tipped off by Interpol, she uncovers a Black Birches enforcer, Audra Jansens, in a Toronto prison who might have information she needs.

But time is running out. Jansons is awaiting transfer to be deported. Fairuz’s only chance is to go undercover in hopes of extracting leads that could bring Rowan home and bring down the Black Birches. Aboard the transfer van, things spin out of control when the transfer van is ambushed.

Barely escaping, Fairuz is on the run with the mysterious enforcer, who appears to be more than Interpol claims, and grappling with the realization that she and Jansons were set up. Someone on her team isn’t who they appear. Can she figure out who the mole is, or will Fairuz, Jansons, and Rowan pay for her failure with their lives?

The Reviewer


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