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REVIEW: Hopeless Scars, by A.L. Williams

Hopeless Scars

Title: Hopeless Scars

Series: Scars Book Two

Author: A.L. Williams

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 175

Reviewer: Xanthe, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Lucifer has finally formed a relationship with his long lost son, but there is one problem. He is going to have to leave. Even if all he wants to do is stay. His fate was sealed millennia ago. Happiness isn’t in the cards for him and he has accepted that, but then why is he staying? 

Dr. Adam Colton does everything in his power to save lives and he usually succeeds. All he wants is to be a good doctor and a good Christian man, but when Mr. Miller is rolled in on a gurney, he’s forced to face his sinful desires. He isn’t so sure he can fight what he craves so deeply. 

When a child is brought in with a mysterious illness, it sets off a series of events that brings The Center for Disease Control and Prevention to town. It’s a race to save the child’s life.

The attraction between Adam and Lucifer is only intensifying as both are being dragged through the mud. All seems Hopeless. Can they find the strength to fight for what they want or are the Scars too deep?

The Review

I went into this story looking forward to the premise of Lucifer atoning whilst being on earth and falling in love. However, his presence brings about illness and he searches out ways to stop it. With the doctor in charge Adam, who is fighting to save his patients and also his attraction to Lucifer.

Adam is from a deeply religious family and with his father’s voice constantly in his head; he attempts to stay away from Lucifer. It’s clear that he struggles a lot with his attraction to men and how he grew up but there is something that he feels from the start whenever the two men are together that slowly builds up with looks, comments and touches fuelling the fire.

 Lucifer also struggles but with something far different as he was bound to earth when God kicked him out of heaven. Regardless of how many years he’s been here, it’s still hard for him to connect to those around him; especially his son who he’s recently reconnected with and they’re slowly rebuilding their relationship. When he finds himself attracted to Adam and it’s difficult to stay away from the man, he questions what he thought he knew about himself and how he lives on earth. 

It did take me a little while to get into the book. This may be due to not having read book one in the series where certain relationships are established but it soon becomes clear with which character means what to who. There’s a lot of emotion to go through for both men as they experience internal struggles along with the stresses of what is happening in their town. 

Adam’s family makes for hard reading as they, especially his father, expect him to think and act a certain way. Of course, it’s up to Adam to show them who he truly is. Lucifer’s relationships with others in the book show how hard it is for him to connect with others, none more so than his son. When he has to reciprocate with feeling, it’s something extremely foreign to him and hard to express.

The plot of the book is interesting with aspects of heaven, Lucifer’s fall from grace, and then a health scare turning into the possibility of a plague. All of these things wove together to create problems that Lucifer and Adam were faced with. It did feel like Lucifer took a long time to get to the point where he took action to try and solve the issues at hand. 

There are a good group of characters included alongside the MC’s. They’re all involved throughout the story, helping each other and wanting to support in any way they can. One little girl is there and just pulled on my heart as she draws Lucifer out of his shell when around her. 

I enjoyed the book overall. There was a lot of back and forth between the two men, and then Lucifer walked off quite a lot with not much to show for it so I occasionally found myself frustrated at him but also with Adam once or twice as he dealt with his family. Once I got into the story, it moved at a good pace and held my attention. I would recommend reading book one, Immortal Scars, first as it will help with relationship connections and a couple of plot points.

The Reviewer

Hello all, my name is Xanthe and I am excited to be a reviewer for the PRG.

I read a lot, every night for at least 4-5 hours and I love to get lost in the world that an author has created. The best ones leave you wanting more and at a loss for words to describe just how good it is but I’ll try my best.

I live in a small town in South West England, just me and my dog Bonnie. I work part time in administration and really enjoy my job and the people I work with which I am very aware is not always the case!

I’ll read pretty much any sub genre within the mm genre. Since discovering it a few years ago, I rarely read anything else. One thing I won’t touch is horror, a definite no no for me!

Never ask me what my favourite anything is as I’ll have to give you a list of about ten or twenty things. How am I able to pick one food, book or film out of so many that I love?!

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