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REVIEW: Jailbreak, by Sara Rayne


Title: Jailbreak

Series: Idle Hands

Author: Sara Rayne

Genre: Hacker Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Demi, Gay

Publisher: Rangon Reigns

Pages: 425

Reviewer: Sherry, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Jailbreak v. to free a component from the restrictions of its original operating system.

Jailed for a crime she (mostly) didn’t commit, Fox is tired of being the FBI’s pet hacker. But if she closes this last investigation into the Four Horseman MC, she’s out from under her sentence. Only one man stands between her and freedom…

After one really hot encounter at Comicon and a good look at the crafty woman’s cosplay, the Four Horsemen MC’s tech-expert has one goal in mind. Determined to sway the Fed’s hacker to his side, Coyote focuses his single-minded determination on getting Fox out of the FBI’s clutches and into his own. But once she’s freed, will he be able to let her go?

The Review

“Right now, only one thing stood between Fox and freedom. And he was riding the motorcycle of her dreams.”—Jailbreak

So, there’s this woman who is super smart, beautiful too, but has baggage. A lot of it—most of it legal. Her name is Skylar Todd, aka, Fox, as in smart as a fox, I suppose. She’s also a hacker with the usual “I got caught doing something I shouldn’t have been doing, got blamed for something I didn’t even do and now I have to work for the FBI or go to jail for the rest of my life” story.

Luckily, she’s very good at what she does. Even If she resents being stuck in the situation she finds herself in, it’s OK since she gets to match wits and go up against one of the most notorious hackers known—the Trickster–both literally and figuratively.

Yep. Less than fifteen pages in and she’s all up against him. But she doesn’t know it’s Trickster, the hacker she’s been tasked by her FBI handlers to snare. She knows him as Coyote, a fellow cosplayer she’s met at a comic con who helps her temporarily escape the agents tailing her. She suspects it, though; he has his suspicions about her as well.

And criminal or not, Fox has scruples so, before things can get any hotter than they already are, she makes her excuses and off we go into a story about vigilante justice, the hacker code, bikers, retribution and fated love. 

I had some trouble connecting with the characters in “Jailbreaker.” The plot was interesting, but the situations and dialog often felt stilted. However, fans of Rayne’s “Four Horseman MC” series will have met Coyote before and will likely enjoy learning more about his story.

Rayne has written a prequel to “Jailbreaker.” It’s called “Malware.” I’m thinking if I’d read “Malware,” I’d be more invested in the story. Fox’s backstory is there, and Coyote makes an appearance, except the story is more a nod to some college friends who want to change the world (like all college friends do) and get caught in something else. Paragraph

The Reviewer

Sherry Perkins has worked as a licensed practical nurse for more than thirty-five years and has experience in psychiatric/addictions nursing, nursing-care coordination, and risk management. She earned a BS in health sciences from Campbell University and has spoken at public health functions on topics such as addiction prevention and treatment, prevention of teenage opioid deaths, and connecting patients who are resistant to treatment with appropriate services.

A mother of four, Perkins lives with extended family on the Delmarva Peninsula, where she enjoys collecting shells and sea glass; reading and writing mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy; doing organic gardening; and following the Dave Matthews Band around the East Coast

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