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REVIEW: Kissing the Wizard – Lou Sylvre

Kissing The Wizard - Lou Sylvre

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Reviewer: Aethena, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

On Valentine’s Day, a lonely shifter flies over the Okanogan Wilderness looking for adventure, knowing romance is the one thing he’s least likely to find out there. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself blasted from the sky only to land on a strong, handsome, and oddly calm man dressed something like a gladiator.

The renowned warrior Li did not plan to spend his day trying to free his wizard employer from the clutches of a sorceress. Spells collide, and a big black bird falls on his head and turns into a fine and scantily dressed man, but he’s not sure how much help that will be.

Guthrie is fond of saying, “Anything can happen.” He’s convinced that doesn’t mean romance, but is it possible he’s more right than he ever guessed? 

The Review

This short story left me wondering where the book series was.  So much information was packed into so few pages, that I felt certain there must be more.  Not yet as far as I can tell, but this Valentine’s short certainly has the potential  for more, but it was an enjoyable read as a standalone.  

Li and Guthrie are two well defined characters who happen to encounter each other on Valentine’s Day.  Some lovely scenery, a mishap with wizards, and a hungry dragon are all part of a quick little adventure that has a dash of romance between these two characters from different worlds.  

If you are looking for a short fantasy read that inspires the imagination, I recommend sitting down with this story on a coffee or tea break.  You won’t need the doughnut or scone because the story is just sweet enough.

Four stars.

The Reviewer

Lives in the Pacific Northwest and vacations in the desert as often as possible. She is allergic to garlic, sleeps during the day whenever possible, and breaks out in an allergic rash when exposed to excessive sunlight. She has a degree in engineering, works at a comic book store, and goes for long bike rides at night during the full moon because of the sun allergy. Aethena was forced to switch to mostly e-books and audio books when the last floor to ceiling bookcase started to overflow. She is on her fifth e-reader, and is contemplating using her engineering degree to design an e-reader that can withstand her capacity for destruction. 

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