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Review: “Krie Captivity” by Kora Knight

Krie CaptivityTitle: Krie Captivity

Author: Kora Knight

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Erotica

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay/MM

140 pages


Nira. Astrum Industries’ newest charted planet. Freshly discovered. Wholly unexplored. But that won’t be the case for long. Led by Captain Alec Hamlin, a team of explorers make an emergency landing and are soon confronted by their first Niran native. A huge male Kríe packed with muscle, baring small, black horns and fangs. Fortunately, he’s friendly. Or so he lets them believe.

With the help of his pack, the Kríe takes Alec’s team captive, intending to sell them for profit. But these Nirans aren’t just shrewd, they’re arrogant and domineering. And most of all, extremely sexual. Which explains why, on their journey to peddle their new wares, they feed Alec’s team a powerful aphrodisiac. Nothing like some decadent entertainment on the side. Soon the team finds themselves feverishly trying to resist the growing urge to mount their seductive captors. But as passion prevails and unexpected bonds form, so much more is suddenly at stake. With no time left, will a shift in Kríe perspective be enough to change the fate of Alec’s team?

Review by Maz

Alec and his team definitely did not expect crash landing on an alien planet during a routine trip, nor did they expect the intensely provocative inhabitants of Nira. After the team makes first contact with the giant, beautiful, and very cunning Krie, the men are tricked into biting off more than they can chew in more ways than one.

This story wasn’t long, but it was certainly packed with some very colorful characters, alien scenery, and intense sexual build up.  While the Krie are sinister in their deception, you can’t help but be attracted to the wild, cocky warriors who slowly bring the humans around to wanting to divulge in their primal desires.

Beyond the fully charged sex scenes and smoldering desire slowly ramping up through the story, Knight paints Nira vividly for the readers and explains the ecosystem well. One of the first snares in most alien sci-fi tales is running into a language barrier.  I was relieved that this wasn’t dismissed as the Krie being all-knowing, but instead relied on the planet itself to boost the human’s ability to be able to understand the language as well as their passion.

While this story is a sci-fi adventure, it is definitely an erotic fantasy that dabbles in a slave/master dynamic that is not for the more conservative reader. If you’re looking for something seductive mixed with your alien world fantasy, then Krie Captivity is a fun, tantalizing ride. The next installment of the series, Zercy, is out now and is much longer than Krie Captivity at about 670 pages. I’m looking forward to a much more flushed out storyline around Nira and the blue devils that have captured my attention.

Maz is a long time m/m romance and sci-fi enthusiast who always has her nose buried in a book. When she’s not reading about love and adventures, she enjoys writing, paleontology and all things geeky.


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