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REVIEW: The Dragon Hunter’s Son, by Hanna Dare

The Dragon Hunter's Son - Hanna Dare

Title: The Dragon Hunter’s Son

Author: Hanna Dare

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranromal

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 184

Reviewer: Sharonica

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About The Book

A land of castles, swords and dragons… except the dragons are just stories now. The dragon hunters have done their job too well.

Philip travels from town to town as his dragon hunter father chases old glories and the next drink. Philip is there to carry the bags, tend to the horses, and fade into the background. The promise of riches brings them to a village in a remote valley, but Philip longs to find something – or someone – to call his own.

When a mysterious and compelling stranger appears in town, Philip hopes for connection – even a romance if they can hide it from his father. But the stranger has secrets of his own.

The Review

It has been so hard to escape into my books of late. However, Hanna Dare took me on an adventure into a realm I believe to be much like that of Arthurian Legend with its bold tales of wizards and dragon slayers. This tale though is of the overlooked, often under-appreciated, steadfast, and noble-hearted son of the dragon slayer, Philip. Philip, who follows behind his father often cleaning his messes, working to pay off his father’s debts, and keeping his father’s tales of past courage in fighting dragons from getting him in trouble in the face of present altercations.

With Philip’s sweet disposition and stalwart heart, he makes friends with the inn’s maid and one of its wealthy patrons. 

This was such a nice break from the typical shifter fantasy recipes that take two blokes, add a bit of chaos and dilemma, 2 sex scenes (because it can’t be gay romance without that), and a quick wrap up (even if confusing) in a red bow. 

In this fantasy world, I got to feel the snowfall on my face and hands, smell the sulfur from the hot springs, feel the cold hard earth under me, and the air whip through my hair. I imagined the pain Philip went through and the embarrassment his father often made him feel. Then for him to finally connect and make both a friend and a confidante to share his most scary and painful moments with. I experienced all of that and more.

The author does an amazing job with their storytelling. You will breeze through this one in one sitting and devour each word on the page.  I let my TTS read to me using the Scottish brogue, Stuart. I looked for one with a Welsh accent but so far, I’ve had no luck. If you use TTS as I do, give Stuart a try, he’s pretty cool. 

If you are in need of a different kind of fantasy or looking for a new author to try, give THE DRAGON HUNTER’S SON a chance. You won’t regret it. 

4.50 steadfast-and-true-stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🔸✨

The Reviewer

These are always so hard so I will keep it simple: My four adult sons (28-21) call me Ma and Dragon Lady. Their ringtone ranges from the Imperial Death March to Stewie’s “Ma Mom Mommy.” Because of my disability, I am a hermit and stay inside and mostly  in very dim light, hence the nickname Dragon Lady. I read for therapy and am slowly getting back into my art, thanks to friends I have made in authordom and fandom.  If I had  one wish, it would be to see Ru Paul and Donald Trump in an MMA ring and the winner after answering questions on censorship of books in our libraries, LGBTQIA advocacy, national healthcare, and our troops and vets, being the next POTUS. 😁  


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