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SCIENCE: Making Sculptures Out of Liquid

liquid sculpturesliqu

A mesmerizing new video shows scientists crafting dazzling, slinky-like sculptures made completely out of liquid — and the liquid structures can hold their shape for months.

Researchers created the ghostly-looking sculptures by manipulating the properties of water and oil. Anyone who has ever tried to make salad dressing knows oil and water normally don’t mix; their molecules are simply more attracted to their own kind than to each other — unless, of course, you use a substance like mustard that can bring the sides together.

When you do that, you can make oil and water stick together in solution, said Joe Forth, a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. “But you can’t make complex structures. In fact, you can only ever make a sphere.”

Forth and his team have created structures far more interesting than spheres that suggest a stunning new way to think of technology. “You can change their shape basically as much as you want as long as you do it gently enough,” Forth told Live Science.

By Eric Vance – Full Story at Live Science


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