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SCIENCE: Meet the AI Artists

Botanical Dinosaurs - Chris Rodley - Live Science

One of the behaviors considered to be uniquely human is our creativity. While many animal species create visually stunning displays or constructions — think of a spider’s delicate web or the colorful, intricate structures built by bowerbirds — they are typically created with a practical purpose in mind, such as snagging prey or seducing a mate.

Humans, however, make art for its own sake, as a form of personal expression. And as computer engineers attempt to imbue artificial intelligence (AI) with humanlike capabilities and behaviors, a question arises: Can AI create art?

The AMC series “Humans,” which returns June 5 for its third season, is populated by Synths — intelligent robots that resemble people, save for their unnaturally green eyes. At the end of the last season, millions of Synths had “awakened” to consciousness. Plenty of humans are unhappy about that, presenting Synths with more immediate problems than getting in touch with their inner artists. Nevertheless, exploring and indulging in creativity is introduced in the show as one of the avenues that is newly open to Synths, now that they are self-aware.

By Mindy Weisberger – Full Story at Live Science

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