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When Robots Paint

Ai-Da Robotic Artist

The world’s first robotic self-portraits, painted by an android called Ai-Da, have been unveiled at a new art exhibit in London, despite the “artist” not having a “self” to portray. The surprisingly accurate images question the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in human society and challenge the idea that art is exclusively a human trait, according to her creators. Ai-Da is a life-size android artist powered by AI — computer algorithms that mimic the intelligence of humans — that can paint, sculpt, gesture, blink and talk. Ai-Da is designed to look and act like a human woman with a female … Read more

SCIENCE: Meet the AI Artists

Botanical Dinosaurs - Chris Rodley - Live Science

One of the behaviors considered to be uniquely human is our creativity. While many animal species create visually stunning displays or constructions — think of a spider’s delicate web or the colorful, intricate structures built by bowerbirds — they are typically created with a practical purpose in mind, such as snagging prey or seducing a mate. Humans, however, make art for its own sake, as a form of personal expression. And as computer engineers attempt to imbue artificial intelligence (AI) with humanlike capabilities and behaviors, a question arises: Can AI create art? The AMC series “Humans,” which returns June 5 … Read more

You’ve Never Seen Musclemen Like This

gay muscle men - Albron

OK, so it’s not *technically* queer or speculative fic. But I just had to share these: A French illustrator and computer artist is picking up a big following with his incredible images of muscle-bound guys. Alex Bronnings is more commonly known under his Albron moniker. Aged 43, he was born and raised in the west of France, but now lives in Paris. By David Hudson – Full Story at Gay Star News

ART: Artist Creates Portraits of Post Apocalyptic Queer Women

Katie Aki Holloway

Katie Aki Hollowaystudied studio art in college. She was born in California and currently lives in Virginia. But she’ll soon be moving to Japan to teach English. Katie shares her art on Twitter for people to see. She tweeted saying she draws ‘post-apocalyptic lgbt women & non-binary people.’ By Charlie Mathers – Full Story at Gay Star News

FOR WRITERS: Combining Art and Magic

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Kari Trenten: “Art, too. How art affects our ideas, imagination, and how we connect it to magic intrigues me.” It’s an interesting topic. :) Have you ever been inspired to write a story based on a piece of art? Has art ever inspired magic in one of your stories? How does art fit into your writing process, if at all? Join the chat

Sources of Inspiration: Caravaggio’s ‘John the Baptist’

I just got a real treat last month. I went to Rome and saw my favorite Caravaggio painting in person; ‘John the Baptist’. This playful, ethereal boy is so different than the martyr, the severed head in other versions of John the Baptist. This is also very different from the two other paintings Caravaggio has done of ‘John the Baptist’, which are also in Rome. No shadow of death or despair touches this boy. He teases playfully, as he smiles coyly at us from a veneer of cloth, which enhances his nudity rather than concealing it. What is he subtly … Read more