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Sources of Inspiration: Activity Inspires Activity

April is coming. A month in which I do more writing than any other time of the year.

First there’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I love this kind of creative, online camping where we share a cabin with a bunch of other writers, letting ourselves inspire each other, pushing ourselves forward. Camp works best for me if I combine it with a pragmatic goal, a submission goal, or a Work in Progress that requires attention. I haven’t always made my Camp goal. I always get some work done even if it’s only a few words. Not to mention there’s a positive rush which comes from encouraging other writers in their goals, even if it’s only by congratulating them on their word counts.

Second, I’m preparing to Blog From AZ. Both Cauldrons ( and have been participating since 2016. I’m getting them ready in advance so I can concentrate on my Camp NaNoWriMo project.

Thirdly I’m trying to finish an expanded version of ‘A Symposium in Space’ before the end of March. This is my main priority right now, since it may have a home waiting for it once it’s done.

This isn’t counting all my other projects. Like ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’ which appears at the Cauldron every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’ still requires revision. ‘The Hand and the Eye of Tower’ requires even more. I’ve got my weekly Forbidden Cauldron posts (which also appear at my Facebook Author Page), plus my monthly livejournal and dreamwidth articles to attend to. Quartz will want his ‘Secondary Characters Speak Out’ (or I’ll never hear the end of it :)). There’s this article and next months.

These are only a fraction of the projects I have going on.

You’d think they’d be enough, but no. My wilful imagination is already plotting a sporadic fan tribute for certain characters at for Blogging From AZ. We don’t have to do the entire alphabet, it wheedles. Just the few letters at the beginning of the names which belong to characters who’ve had a special impact on me. (Heh, look, I used the word ‘impact’. :)) After all, it’s not fair that the Cauldrons at wordpress and blogger get *all* of the April action, isn’t it?

At least I’ve got an excuse for keeping out of this. I need to have someplace free in case authors want to visit. Plus it would be nice to blog a little about Camp NaNoWriMo, which is also happening in April. Not that I’m sure when I’ll have the time to do this.

All of this activity has inspired into taking on even more activity. (harried grin)

Does this ever happen to you, dear readers (and writers)? Do the projects you’ve taken on inspire you to undertake even more projects? Even when you’re already loaded down?



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