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Sources of Inspiration: Change

It’s easy for me to fall into a rut. I wear the same clothes and accessories. I watch certain shows. I listen to the same playlists of music over and over. It’s comforting, especially when I’m troubled by something or doubled over with pain from one of those wonderful sinus headaches which make the back of my head throb, upsetting my stomach. (I’m being sarcastic.)

Only that cycle of comfortable familiarity can make my imagination sleepy. Sometimes I need to do something different to wake it up. I’ll stop reaching for the same pair of earrings I’ve been wearing for the past week. I’ll take a moment to search through my costume jewelry for those wacky triangles I haven’t worn in a while. I’ll pick out a DVD or video to watch I’ve been wanting to see, but I haven’t had time for. (I can always leave it in the machine if I run out of time. If the machine is in demand, I can take the DVD out and find the spot I left off later.) I’ll search through my music collection for something I haven’t listened to in a while and steal a couple of moments to reacquaint myself with it.

These are little things, small changes. Tiny as they are, I still find that they stimulate my mind into action. Once my mind is stimulated, imagination and ideas are sure to follow. I can get my creativity flowing again, if I surprise myself, shake up my routine from time to time.

What about you, dear reader? Have you ever done something different, only to find your imagination firing up as a result?


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