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Sources of Inspiration: Shiny!


Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed. Trying to make deadlines. Finishing projects. Trying to market myself.

Trying, trying, I’m so very trying. (rueful grin) I think I’ve been trying too hard. I need to find the fun again.

After all, if I’m not having fun finishing my projects and marketing myself, how can I expect anyone else to appreciate my efforts?

This is one of the reasons Quartz mouths off to on varied social media. We’re attempting to have a little fun while marketing…and venting. :) He expresses a lot of my own doubs and irritations about my journey as a writer.

In order to write Quartz’s story, in order to write all of my characters’s stories, I need to enjoy the process. Let myself get as obsessed with my own work as I have with ‘Girl Genius’ or ‘Tokyo Ghoul’.

All this sounds well and good. How do I actually do it, though? How do I find the fun, when I’m tired, miserable, and not feeling remotely inspired?

How do other artists succeed in distracting me? Why did I get so obsessed with ‘Girl Genius’ and ‘Tokyo Ghoul’? What drew me back into Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’, making me relive all of my youthful passion for that series?

A single word comes to mind. I associate it with a flying bird, who spots something glittering below her. She can’t help it. She descends to investigate the fascinating whatever.

Why? Because it’s shiny!

I’m the same way with social media. I’m attracted to images that spark my interest, appealing to my sense of shiny. Particularly if whatever glitters feeds into an even greater fascination. Baroque statues. Beautiful, androgynous figures. Marble. Castles. A vibrant color or striking pattern which arrests my attention, engaging me.

How do I capture this quality and sparkle myself? How can I make myself shiny?

First off what glitters for me may annoy others. My tastes don’t appeal to everyone. Readers are a varied group with vastly different interests.

I’ll have a much easier time if I try to sparkle in a way I can comprehend. If I glitter in a way appeals to me.

This way I’ll have fun writing. This way I’ll enjoy promoting myself.




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