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Sources Of Inspiration: Taking Action

One thing which always fails is to simply wait for inspiration to come and find me. I’ve waited for months, even years, feelings the stories solidify inside me, unsure how to let them out while hoping for the right moment. 

There has very seldom or ever been a right moment. If one comes, it’s when I’m taking some kind of action. If I want to be inspired, to get ideas, to do something with these ideas, I need to do something. Get up, move around, and think. Take a walk and consider what I want to write. Empty the dishwasher. Use the toilet. Start reading a book, taking notes about all the things I’m enjoying in that story. Take notes about a television show or a movie I just watched, contemplate what I’ve learned from it, what I’d like use in my own story crafting. Start writing something even if I have to pushing myself. 

I have to do something, be engaged in some sort of activity, even if it’s simply sitting and thinking. The only time I can allow myself to be completely still is when I truly want to rest. 

What about you, dear reader? How do you get creativity to come to you? 


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