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Sources of Inspiration: What Does This Mean?

Talking about what inspires me is not a subject that can never be done to death. Not for me. It involves my very creativity, the well spring for which I get all my ideas from. Every story I’ve ever written and will write in the future exists because I got inspired.

I don’t use this energy just for stories, although stories are a major part of my life. I often draw direction for what I want to write about and how I live my life from inspiration. For me, it’s the spark of creativity. This spark comes from myself as much as from anyone else. Inspiration often the result of my reaction to the world around me. I see, hear, taste, or experience something, only to get an idea.

If I’m lucky, I can turn that idea into a story or a blog. The more I do this, the less luck becomes a factor. I start almost being able to channel these ideas into fragments of story or posts.

Where do our stories come from? What do you look for in a story? What kind of a story do you wish to create?

We’ve discussed this in a broad sense. Perhaps it’s time to get more specific.

Are you a writer, or some other kind of artist? What are working on now? Where did you get the idea for that story?

Are you reading something? Does the reading material make your thoughts wander off in a particular direction, due to a turn of phrase or description? Where did those thoughts take you?

Have you ever encountered someone or something who altered the world around you? Did they make you think as you’ve never thought before?

I live for these moments. (heart)




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