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ANNOUNCEMENT: Visions of Rage, by A. M. Burns and A. T. Weaver

Visions of Rage: Shifter Force book 1

QSFers A. M. Burns And A. T. Weaver have a new MM paranormal romance book out: “Visions of Rage.” Blood runs deep in Jemez Springs. Psychic cougar shifter Connor McGriffin is used to his visions leading him around. For years, he’s followed them back and forth across the country to the people who need his help. When his comfortable vacation in the mountains is interrupted by a vision of a woman dying, he can’t see enough details to find the killer and stop him from striking again. Facing the most dangerous foe he’s ever dealt with, Connor needs all the … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Earthquakes, by A.T. Weaver


QSFer A.T. Weaver has a new MM time travel book out: Earthquakes. David Cummings has dreams. For ten years, he’s dreamed about two men who lived in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. He feels that he was one of the men. Their relationship was cut short when one of them died in the great earthquake and fire. David decides to go to San Francisco to see if either man really existed. There he meets Marc Willis. Marc Willis has dreams of two men as well. He feels that he was one of the men. As David and Marc search for answers, they … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Witches’ Woods, by A.T. Weaver

Witches' Woods

QSFer A.T. Weaver has a new MM paranormal book out: In the late 10th century, a magical portal was discovered between a grove of oak trees in Ireland and a grove of redwoods in what would become the state of Oregon. Since then, the Fitzgerald family of witches has guarded both ends of the portal. Now an unscrupulous developer and a corrupt governor plan to raze the redwoods known as The Witches’ Woods and build an exclusive resort. It’s up to Sean Fitzgerald and his family to save the trees and protect the secret of the portal. James Buckler has … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Touching Yesterday, by A.T. Weaver

Touching Yesterday - A.T. Weaver

QSFer A.T. Weaver has a new MM time travel book out: Jeff Wilde is waking up from the best and worst five weeks of his life. He remembers his boyfriend breaking up with him. He remembers going camping. He even recalls hitting his head and waking up in 1927, decades before he was born, but now he’s woken up in the 21st century again. His boyfriend claims they never broke up and that Jeff has been in a coma for five weeks. As Jeff eases back into the 21st century life he thought he’d lost, he needs answers. Did he … Read more