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Announcement: Enchanting His Mate, by Aeryn Jaden

Enchanting His mate

QSFer Aeryn Jaden has a new MM paranormal erotic romance out: Mallick’s life had never been easy and that probably wouldn’t change anytime soon. Likely, never. It was normal, after all his father was probably the most hated man on Earth and for good reasons too. Determined to stop the suffering, at least for others, he flees in search for allies and finds much more than he bargained for. He finds everything he’d ever wanted just to see it torn away together with any hope he’d ever had. Adair shouldn’t be alive. He should have died with his mate more … Read more

Announcement: Big Bad Dragon, by Aeryn Jaden

QSFer Aeryn Jaden has a new urban fantasy/paranormal book out: What if you suddenly found yourself in a Dragon’s Lair? What would you do? Mmmm. Enjoy it, of course. Especially when the dragon is so yummy! Ryuu had spend his life having to explain why he likes dressing in woman’s clothes and resenting that he was different. Travelling the country with his boyfriend and working as a drag queen entertainer had been fun. Until it got old. The moving around and the boyfriend. Finding a new stable job in Boston is a godsend. He doesn’t know yet just how true … Read more

Announcement: Drakon’s Angel, by Aeryn Jaden

Dakon's Angel

QSFer Aeryn Jaden has a new paranormal book out: Kanael is tired. He has been without his mate for more than two millennia and his control is slowly slipping. Time heals all wounds and his are no exception. Well, at least they are scabbed over. He is ready, past ready and he needs to set to rights his broken mating bond with Kraken, his drakon. He’ll need to leave his family and go searching for his long lost mate if he wants to ever be happy. And protect those he loves from himself once his control over his own nature … Read more

Announcement: His Imperfect Mate, by Aeryn Jaden

QSFer Aeryn Jaden has a new paranormal book out: All the Originals, beings that created all the supernaturals, have vanished a long time ago. Or did they now? Killa is one of them and he doesn’t feel dead at all. Though that could happen any day now. He is hunted by one of his brothers and has nowhere to go. Unless he happens to find some of his old friends… He finds more than he bargains for. Keen had barely survived his family’s torture and his spirit is almost broken. Finding his mate lying wounded in the bed next to … Read more