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Two Old Stone Balls Found in Scotland – And The Jokes Practically Write Themselves – Live Science

scottish stone balls - live science

Two polished stone balls shaped about 5,500 years ago — linked to a mysterious practice almost unique to Neolithic Britain — have been discovered in an ancient tomb on the island of Sanday, in the Orkney Islands north of mainland Scotland. Hundreds of similar stone balls, each about the size of a baseball, have been found at Neolithic sites mainly in Scotland and the Orkney Islands, but also in England, Ireland and Norway, Live Science previously reported. Some are ornately carved — such as the famous Towie ball discovered in northeast Scotland in 1860 — but others are studded with … Read more

Was This Viking Warrior Gender Fluid?

Vikings - Pixabay

An ancient Viking warrior who was given a hero’s burial may have been “transgender, non-binary or gender fluid”, according to researchers. Three years ago, the ornately dressed remains of a high-status Viking warrior from the mid-900s were discovered alongside swords, spears and two slaughtered horses in Birka, Sweden. Following studies, it was assumed that the remains of the Viking warrior were those of a female – a finding that threw into question a once commonly-accepted view that Vikings ascribed to traditional gender roles. Now, three years on, scholars are questioning whether the remains could actually have been those of a … Read more

REVIEW: Travelers – V.S. Holmes

Travelers - V.S. Holmes

Title: Travelers Series: Nel Bently Book 1 Author: V.S. Holmes Genre: Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Publisher: Amphibian Press Pages: 235 Reviewer: CC Get It On Amazon About The Book No one fights dirtier than an archaeologist. Foul-mouthed Dr. Nel Bently has every archaeologist’s dream: a pristine site, new crew, and a private patron to fund her passion for dirt. With her trowel barely into the dry earth of Chile’s coast, however, Nel learns their work is being sabotaged. The local activists Los Pobladores take issue with anyone brave or stubborn enough to set boots on their land. Nel refuses … Read more

ARCHAEOLOGY: Did We Just Find the Historic Remains of a Trans Man?

skeleton - yay photos

Archaeologists have discovered “female” remains in an all-male monastic community in Mount Athos, Greece that has banned women and even female animals (except for cats) since the 10th century. The remains – which were beneath the stone floor of a Byzantine chapel – are believed to be the first-ever female remains found there, leading some to wonder whether an important woman died on the land or whether a transgender man might’ve been among the mountain’s earlier monks. Archaeologists say they found a forearm, shinbone, and sacrum (tailbone) that were shaped differently from the remains of six other men buried under … Read more