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Bi Astronaut Sally Ride to be Featured on US Quarter

Sally Ride Quarter

Astronaut Sally Ride will become the first out LGBT+ person to appear on US currency, as part of the new American Women Quarters Program. According to United States Mint, the first five limited edition coins in the American Women Quarters Program will launch next year. The coins honour Ride as well as Maya Angelou, Asian American actor Anna May Wong, Cherokee Nation leader Wilma Mankiller, and suffragette Nina Otero-Warren. Ride, an engineer and a physicist as well as an astronaut, was the first American woman to travel to space. Full Story from Pink News

First “Space Crime” Involving Lesbian Astronaut Probably Wasn’t

Anne McClain

An astronaut’s estranged wife has been indicted for falsely accusing her of committing a crime from space. NASA astronaut Anne McClain had been accused of improperly accessing the bank account of her wife Summer Worden while on a six-month mission to the International Space Station. The incident was widely reported in 2019 as potentially the first crime committed from space, but McClain strenuously denied any wrongdoing – making clear via her lawyer that she was checking on the intertwined family finances, using the login shared with her by Worden, as she had frequently done during their marriage. Now, Worden has … Read more

SPACE: Sally Ride to Get a Postage Stamp

Sally Ride

Sally Ride will be featured on a Forever Stamp next year, USPS announced. The first American woman in space and the first known LGBT astronaut will be honored on the postage.  John Lennon and Mr. Rogers will also get their own stamps. USPS will also release a stamp for the Lunar New Year with a “Year of the Dog” stamp,  an “O Beautiful” stamp for the song “America the Beautiful” and will mark the 200th anniversary of Illinois’ statehood with its own stamp. Ride, who died in 2012 from pancreatic cancer, was honored in the “Women of NASA” special-edition Lego set … Read more

PROFILE: The First Queer Astronaut

Sally Ride

For eons, humanity has looked towards the stars and yearned to reach them – to explore distant moons and planets, and touch the very edges of the universe. In the last 50 years, we have made incredible progress, setting foot on the moon, landing robots on Mars and even beaming pictures back from as far away as Pluto. An important part of that journey was Sally Ride, the first known LGBT astronaut. More than 330 American astronauts have made it to space, but Ride was the first American woman – and LGBT person – to go into space, taking the … Read more

POP CULTURE: Sally Ride Becomes a Lego Figurine

Sally Ride Lego

Move aside Batman, for the first gay woman and American woman in space Sally Ride is to be immortalized with a Lego figure. A set of five new figurines, based on real female scientists, engineers and astronauts, will be out in late 2017. Honoring five pioneers of the American space program, the design was created by science writer Maia Weinstock who won the Lego Ideas competition. Full Story at Gay Star News